hunters and demons
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about a young hunter who just got to witness the real life of hunters outside the academy fences where demons exists and need to be killed

hunters and demons

Walking into the last day in the academy wondering why I am doing all of this; I lost my motivation I do not know why am here or even if am in the right place!

I do not want to sound dramatic, but after two years of enrolling in the academy am not the same person any more not the same person who walked into this building for the first time.

I was so thrilled excited and even a little proud I thought it will be the beginning of a happy chapter in my life two years later walking the building lonely,

sad and empty with a voice inside me making me suspicious and questioning if am in the right place if I have made the right decision.

I didn't make any friends I wonder what I did wrong I thought I liked being alone ?

will I do, but to be honest I wouldn't mind having some companionship once in a while especially at a place like this.

I failed at friendship zone I guess, but at least my grades are fine! I truly hope am in the right place because I know that am too coward to change anything if am not.

Am just going to keep pushing, 'the only way out is to move up' I don't remember where did I hear that,

but it sticks with me I want to be at the top part of the decision-maker part of the hunter's committee

The committee consist of seven members and the leader,

they make the rules in our world today will be the first time that I see them from up close as they will attend the graduation ceremony for our class.

The instructor ordered us to stand in line ordered by the highest score to the lowest score I was the first in line, so yah I did lie when I said that my grades were fine they were excellent,

we sat and listened while the principal of the academy spoke, not all the committee members were there three of them were absent.

At the biggest chair sat the leader an old but very big muscular man to his right sat jack young man with sharp blue eyes he is the genius that gets born once in every generation and since he

is from our generation I guess there is no hope for the rest of us!

he graduated from the academy at a very young age and got enrolled in the warrior's group,

fighting in more than one raid Where he gets to kill one of the elite demons after setting a trap for him,

only a few hunters were able to kill an elite demon and all of them where a member from the committee.

So for normal solder at the worries to get succeed at a mission like this,

he reserved a seat for him at the big table and honestly he can set on that achievement for the rest of his life and still be admired,

but I think he's from those how desire more power and the chair of the ruler what in his eyes.

Next to him sat Jacob The nepotism in its glory he got nothing to show for except that his late father was the previous leader and that he lead numerous of successful raids which is honestly

the last couple years all the raids were successful And achieved impressive results Thanks to the advanced equipment the Scientists team are developing,

beside him was Logan he is one of the oldest members of the committee and the last one is Angela and she is the commander of the spy group on of the most secretive group for us.

After the end of the ceremony, I headed home with my family to celebrate, I have to enjoy myself and cut loos at least for today because after that I will have to make a hard decision ,

I have to choose which group to join, there are five groups: spies, warriors, instructors, scientists, and guards.

Will actually four since the scientist get to pick their members by names based on our result and some other tests they made us take when we were at the academy and since they didn't pick

me that was not an option anymore,

choosing to be a spy meaning to go back to studying and learning go back to the academy for another year and a half to become acoalified spy and honestly There wasn't one cell in my body

that wants to go back there.

As for the instructors, everyone knows that they are unappreciated and never one of them ever made it to the chair of the committee, so that leaves me with two options warriors or guards.

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