Treat for the lamb
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jm29 I'm just dreaming while awake.
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I was trying to write something.

Treat for the lamb

I was trying to write something. Outside, at our terrace on a big round table. I'm trying to look for a bright idea. Sunshines maybe or clear skies, but everything was just gray.

Everything was dull except a young girl in red shirt running suddenly, passing our house. I guess her lola asked her for a toyo or mantika or both in the neighborhood's store.

It was passed 12:00 noon, late lunch possibly.

I wonder if they have to cook or just buy some canned sardines instead to save time and immediately kill the hunger.

The child returns a few minutes after buying a kilo of rice, two canned sardines and one pack of biscuits. She walked

slowly, not wasting the rice she bought. Her lola noticed that she added a small pack of treats. Not on the list given to her.

To my surprised, the old woman reacted furiously.

She started mocking and hitting her grandchild. She transformed into a wolf, howling the little lamb. Much expensive abuse comparing to the price of a pack of biscuits.

The young girl was left crying silently in their terrace while slowly feasting on the treat. I saw the picture of fear and sadness in her eyes as well as the satisfaction.

Tears in exchange of biscuits.

Then she entered their house after eating. Closing the door, ended the whole thing.

Everything, still showses the same pallete of dullness. No sunshines and clear skies. Just me on a big round table, trying to write. This time I have written a little.

At least an idea.

At least we had the biscuits .

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