While Searching for Life...
While Searching for Life... love stories

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He is searching the light for whom, he doesn't know. They have never visited, never seen. But they fell in love.
Is this love possible?

While Searching for Life...

While searching for life itself, he lost the light. The same light that had kept him away from the darkness.

It might be the play of the world, however, he tries to hide everything that he had seen. For her, he had to do it. He had to sacrifice his life.

So, with his heart and a few dollars, he leaves the letter and goes for searching the music of his life.

Soon days goes off the floor, she comes to his house. She might have different questions that could have arisen in her mind.

What should I tell him? Will he know everything? What will he do after all this chaos? Her fair complexion soon turned pale.

With her hands carefully, she pushed the bell gently, waiting for the answer, waiting for him. She tries many times, however, receives no answer.

She calls out his name, "Adhart, Adhart!" What she receives was complete silence.

After asking too few neighbours, she comes to the fact that he had already left. She was left with tears in her eyes.


The bell rung. Everyone smiled at their lunch break.

Among those smiles, there stood Avya, a completely free- going girl who didn't desire much more than surrounding of sweeties and having few fistfuls of cash. She was in her mid twenties.

She was happy with his love as every weekends, they went to have ice creams, She was happy as it was her break.

"Did you hear the trending news?" Her one of the friends shared it which listened to be something interesting.

"A terrorist group named..... SSS I think killed every people of a village."

"WHy so?"

"I don't know. The terrorists are so. They don't care about others' lives."

"Bloody Monsters!" Avya only could reply such as the bell rang and they had to go at the work.

She returns at home early that day. While she enters the house, at her first glance, sees her husband, Mr. Atkip was sitting on sofa, wandering over his mind with a copy and a pen.

He ignores her and keeps on continuing his official works, maybe.

"Can you please pass me a glass of water? " Avya speaks, a tired face that shoved her inside.

"Do it yourself, I have no time to do that for you." he speaks rudely, which was his habit as always.

"Why are you always against feminism, ha? "

Her husband goes in rage, unrepentant soon shouts at her harshly. She also accompanies him in complaining about each other.

Avya, disheartened leaves the hall, latches the door behind and put earplugs in her ears with her favorite music whenever she was disheartened.

Meanwhile, Adarth, a complete failure guy was also very sad that day. Might be the coincidence, he too had an argument with his wife.

Although he has a good respectable job, he was gloomed to get such life. Since his childhood, his voice and melody spoke that the singer was the best profession for him.

However, things didn't turn to be good as soon after his father's death, he shouldered all the responsibilities of his family. However, he sometimes fulfills his passion by singing. at. karaoke.

app. With the millions followers had the anonymous identity as "raghu123".

Avya, too was passionate about singing.

She knew everything about it; high notes, low notes, instrumental She also had an account on the karaoke and kept few melodious songs , she had good thousand followers.

While searching for a beautiful song, she thought of singing her favorite song, "Meherama" (Companion), she saw a notification.

It was the famous Raghu who had asked someone to duet the female fragment of the song. With the excitement to reside with Raghu, she loaded it fast.


she catches the note and starts keeping her euphonious flowers that melted from her cord and it was stored along with the melancholy sound of Raghu that listened a perfect emotional song

that could bring tears down the eyes. Their voice spoke so.

When the song was kept on the platform, it went viral. Thousands of likes showered as it seemed rain that had been pouring outside, the remark of the rainy season. He messages her.

"Hi stranger, what's your name?" Adarth aka Raghu asked her on chat as she had no name in it.

"Av..... Avantika. Avantika Roy. Pleasure for a meeting that will go soon well." she replied.

"So, you decided earlier that the chat will be pleasurable, didn't you?"

"Yes. No. How are you feeling after gaining so much of fandom?"

"It's common, usual thing for me." He replied.

"Of course. So are you married?" Avya was expecting the answer to be no.

"Unfortunately, yes. However, I am happy with it."

"Why so?"

"We are imperfect." he replied, recalling the previous fight they had.

"Why are you worrying about imperfection? Everyone is imperfect here, in this world. Only the people with the flaws can bind the flawless relation."

"I think you are right. I must apologize her."

"I think so." she said so. But, the same thing happened to her as well. So, she decided to apologize her husband.

The very next day, she goes to her husband and ask to pardon her. However, he didn't reply anything as he remarked that he was ignoring him.

Her temper rises, and shouts again and slowly their complains turns into a ugly fight. In the ingoing fight, her husband raises the hand over her.

The huge hand which touches her soft cheeks and soon which turns red, she cries and leave the room. It was the first sign of end of their relationship, maybe.

That day, Atharva again messaged her.

"I am really disgusted staying with her. I said sorry to her, but she just told me I didn't deserve her."

But, for hours, she didn't reply.

"Hey, are you Okay?"

After almost seven hours, his screen popped with a message, "Why haven't you showed your face in this app? All the karaoke are just the voice."

"The same reason why you haven't." the message was sharp.

"I am a women. And basically, you know here, the women are not safe, even in the cyber."

"I don't want my appearance to get judged in front of my talent."

The perception was different, however the fact was same. They were different but not different.

Friday soon arrived. Holiday was added as the day was celebrated as Autumn Day there. She thought of something.

"Can we meet?" she dispatched it on the chat.

"Tomorrow. Citylights Cafe. Palgarhi Road. 10 am sharp." she received.

The day was special for her.

He wore his watch and took an auto- rickshaw to go there.

It was about fifteen minutes to ten. Atharva had already arrived. He sat at one of the chair that was vacant. He was blabbering all the sentences he had prepared to ask her.

About five minutes to ten, Avya too arrived the cafe. She checks around the cafe. She notices nobody except few couples and children.

She waited for almost an hour but doesn't receive any thing about the anonymous guy. 'He might be joking with me' she thought and suddenly, her phone rang.

It was her father. His voice was tensed.

"Beta. Beta."

"Dad, what happened?"

"We lost her. mother."

She was shocked.


"Terrorist group S.S...S killed her."

She takes an rickshaw and soon leaves for her house where she finds her husband sitting there, silent. She finds the body of her mother whom she had loved from her soul.

The one who gifted her favorite clothings and saved from father's scold. She couldn't realize it whether it was all reality or just a fiction.

She cried, sobbed where her hands were gripped over her body. Her husband compensated her with a glass of water.

"Please don't cry." he said.

"How can I stop crying?"

"It's not your fault."

"I know."

After some moments, the body was shouldered over her brothers. She could hear "Ram Naam Satya Hai" a chant recited after every death funeral.

"Do you love me?" suddenly Avya asked to her husband.

"Pardon?" he got confused with what she was speaking all about.

"Do you love me?" she asked again.

"Ye....s.." he answered, using the sixth senses.

"Then, please for me, kill that terrorist who had shot my mother."

"Have you gone mad? You need a cup of water."

She sobbed again. It was not unique for anyone as she had no conscience left at that moment.

Soon, he leaves the hall without telling anyone.

Avya had to say something, about her stranger that she started meeting online. She couldn't.


She notices the lock. She finds out that she had keys of it. She unlatches the door and goes inside to find nothing changed except a letter that was left by his husband.

" 4th April 2018

O.P House, Palgarhi

Dear Avya,

This letter might have no differences in your situation as you are facing a lot. But, one thing all day stroke on my mind.

I never shared to anyone but now, I think I might be wrong at some point but please apologize to all my mistakes.

I told a lie. I don't like you. Please. Don't. Get. Offended.

Actually, since few days we didn't have good talks nowadays. So, I started talking to other and maybe mistakenly, I fell in love with her. But I even didn't deserve her.

I always told lie to you and her. But now, I can't. I even didn't have courage to meet her.

I couldn't be a good husband but now, I want to be good human now. Last, you have said to kill the terrorist who have took life of the mother.

I don't know what beauty I'll find there, what light. But I'll try. I'll do it for you. Please don't wait for me. Start your new life.

Although our story couldn't be happy, I will make it reasonable. Hope you will shine as always. Maybe I should start my journey from. here.

Forever Past and Today's Yours,

Raghu Atharva Akpit....."

All she could recall was the line of the song, "Oh Mehrama, kya mila yu judaa ho ke bata." (Oh Companion, why did you decide parting away from me?)


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