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jjlintanI'm Joey and I wanna express myself
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I wrote this based on the observations of what we deal with everyday. Love is love.


by jjlintan

The idea of love.

Love is what unifies us together. We say " I love you" to our spouses, children, and even pets because we feel this strong emotion for them. It's what love, makes us feel happy.

Why we love.

Without love, how are we supposed to function everyday ? We love to make sure that our special someone knows that we are here to support ,and most importantly care for them.

Love is love.

Love is for all. Regardless of sexual orientation, identity, or own personal belief. Love is love.

With hate, comes love.

With people and their own belief system, the feel obligated to hate and let others know that their idea of love is wrong. However, once they see love is love, the world becomes happier.


Just like before love can bring all of us together. When we celebrate new tidings, promote peace, or mourn the sorrowfulness of death ; we all unify for that peace.

We love others for who THEY are.

Love is what makes the couple dance and sing like there's no tomorrow. Love is what makes the other person fall for each other, despite the silliness.

True love.

Cliché but true, we could never forget our first loves, whether it'd be in a good way, or a bad way.


Love : Strange and bizarre yet fascinating and wonderful. We fight for love ; we're loathsome of love and we can never really truly understand it. Love is love.

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Well written and well reported observations. You convey the spirit of the whole concept tied min to the neat little bundle called love.