Fatal wound
Fatal wound dark stories

jiyasengupta Community member
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Pain strengthens the inner being.

Fatal wound

There's a wound, a wound so deep; The blood spills black, oh so black! Heavy eyes seeking sleep, Ad nauseum, I watch the blood drip. Bloodshot eyes, drunk in pain; Nothing remained now to feign. White spots dance, in front of my eyes; Miffed, I blink once, then twice.

Insouciant, they keep winking at me, Smirking at my acquiescence. A wound so fatal, there's blood everywhere; None to save the soul or sing a prayer! The caustic pain plays a ruse, Under the guise of my Muse, A succour to my ecstatic agony;

How beautifully tragic is this fallacy! I see the blood drip, Craving a dreamless sleep. I slowly drift away, Falling into a fitful slumber; I feel the pain ebbing away, as I lay There watching the stars in a sky so sombre. ~J. SenGupta

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