Closer to my heart! Runner up's Interview...
Closer to my heart!

Runner up's Interview... contest stories
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jinxedquill Passing thru life, destination unknown!
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Here is another most awaited interview :D

Closer to my heart! Runner up's Interview...

Before proceeding to the interview... Please check out @debadityadutta announcement post to know the name of the 2nd place holder The links are in the comments..

Please welcome another brave soul, no no not like that, I meant beautiful soul!! @š“€š’¶š“Žš“š“Žš“ƒš“ƒ

Congrats on sharing such a touching story. Would you kindly share a short background to your story? š‘€š“Ž š“ˆš“‰š‘œš“‡š“Ž, ā€œš“‰š“‡š‘’š’¶š“‰š“‚š‘’š“ƒš“‰ā€, š’½š’¶š“ˆ š“‰š‘œ š’¹š‘œ š“Œš’¾š“‰š’½ š“‰š’½š‘’ š“…š’½š“Žš“ˆš’¾š’øš’¶š“ š’¶š“ƒš’¹ š‘’š“‚š‘œš“‰š’¾š‘œš“ƒš’¶š“ š“‡š’¶š“‚š’¾š’»š’¾š’øš’¶š“‰š’¾š‘œš“ƒš“ˆ š‘œš’» š“ˆš‘’š“š“Šš’¶š“ š’¶š“ˆš“ˆš’¶š“Šš“š“‰.

Reading back, would you like to change anything of your story? š’©š‘œ, š¼ā€™š“‚ š“†š“Šš’¾š“‰š‘’ š“…š“‡š‘œš“Šš’¹ š‘œš’» š’½š‘œš“Œ š“‰š’½š’¾š“ˆ š“…š’¾š‘’š’øš‘’ š“‰š“Šš“‡š“ƒš‘’š’¹ š‘œš“Šš“‰. (*sigh* confidence to die for!)

What inspires you to keep on writing? š¼ š’øš‘œš“ƒš“‰š’¾š“ƒš“Šš‘’ š“‰š‘œ š“Œš“‡š’¾š“‰š‘’ š’·š‘’š’øš’¶š“Šš“ˆš‘’ š¼ š’·š‘’š“š’¾š‘’š“‹š‘’ š‘’š“‹š‘’š“‡š“Žš‘œš“ƒš‘’ š’½š’¶š“ˆ š’¶ š“ˆš“‰š‘œš“‡š“Ž š“Œš‘œš“‡š“‰š’½ š“‰š‘’š“š“š’¾š“ƒš‘”. š’œš“ƒš’¹ š¼ š’½š’¶š“‹š‘’š“ƒā€™š“‰ š“‰š‘œš“š’¹ š“‰š’½š’¶š“‰ š“ˆš“‰š‘œš“‡š“Ž š“Žš‘’š“‰. (Keep watch folks!!)

What do you think describes your story best? šøš“‚š‘œš“‰š’¾š‘œš“ƒš’¶š“, š’®š‘œš’øš’¾š’¶š“ š¼š“ˆš“ˆš“Šš‘’ š“‡š‘’š“š’¶š“‰š‘’š’¹ š’¶š“ƒš’¹ šøš“Žš‘’ š‘œš“…š‘’š“ƒš‘’š“‡

Do you think there is a shortage of works on social issues? š‘€š’¶š“Žš’·š‘’! (A little less politically correct, fill in the blanks type!!)

That's all I could wring out from @š“€š’¶š“Žš“š“Žš“ƒš“ƒ. No, no, never take my words literally!!

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