An Ordinary Death

An Ordinary Death death stories

jinxedquill Passing thru life, destination unknown!
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A true death experience!

An Ordinary Death

One ordinary night that came after a day of raining, On a pavement splattered with blood & mud I lay dying. All say life flashes in front of our eyes, But only darkness swirled as I heard cries.

I am alright I wanted to say, My lips moved though no sound came out whatsoever may. 'Stay with us, don't you dare die' my friends begged, But I didn't want to live anymore I realized as my body sagged.

My soul too wanted to leave this body behind, A new beginning awaits, for souls aren't bind.

But there was no tunnel with light beyond, No chariot to take me away, no reaper around. Only the darkest of dark had me surrounded, Why couldn't the soul leave even though it wanted.

There was no weight keeping me tethered to earth, Yet I only remained floated between death & birth. No sound no lights nothing around, I started to feel scared if I am Hell bound.

But even Hell didn't welcome my sinned soul, Would I fade into nothingness-a wasted soul.

'Someone save me, show me some light, Show me a path to follow, show me a star bright'.

None answered my pleas, none replied, I was condemned to eternal darkness, respite denied.

I had felt true fear, the silence suffocating, I had clawed at that dark veil pleading. Coldness seeping into me, I had shivered, The warmth of life forever lost and severed.

That darkness still haunts me night after night, that cold still clings to my soul, A true death I had faced, and never emerged the same-a broken soul.

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