My Cat Is being Possess by a Black Shadow Man
My Cat Is being Possess by a Black Shadow Man personal story stories

jinliesolidum Poem Writer & Arts Lover
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I am a Cat Lover ever since I was Little. When I was 17 years old I Found a Big Cat on the street He Is Unwell because of His Legs so I decided to Take Him In. I Named him Catrang.
But One Day Catrang became Strange!
Thank you Readers & Writers!
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My Cat Is being Possess by a Black Shadow Man

By Lie Solidum Thank you Readers & Writers! Thank you Commaful!

Old People Says that a Cat can See and Feel Ghost, Spirits, and Even Demons! That's why they Said that Cats Is our Protector from Bad Entity here on Earth! That Is also why the Cats always Stays at the Front Door of the House. To make Sure that All the Bad Entity Can't Enter the House!

As for me, Cats are my Protector whenever I'm Afraid of Being All Alone In the House. I Always Hug them Tightly. They Became my Comfort Zone!

When I was 17 years old I Take In a Big Tiger Cat and named him Catrang. He Is a bit old and not so Beautiful. His one leg at the back Is Short and wounded. that's why Its Hard for him to walk. I Feed him and even make him drink Antibiotic for him to healed.

He was Healed and became healthy but He Still can't walk straight. I have Him Till he get old. The color of His Hair became Light and he became slow.

One Day He didn't go home, we look for him but we couldn't find him. I thought He Already Died but when me and my Boyfriend Got Home We Saw Him at the Door... The Door Is Open but he didn't go Inside so I ask him to come with us Inside.

After that all the Mysterious things Started to Happened. Were so Surprised Because Catrang Look Too Much Younger than Before. He Became so Beautiful and Energetic. Full of Life. And His Legs Its Healed. How?

Why? How did this Happen? Catrang Can Walk Straight Now. At First I Felt Uneasy but this Is a Good News so I Just let my Thoughts be... I Like him so Much now. Specially not like before Catrang Likes to Stay with me all the Time now. Catrang Started to be like a Baby who Hate Having my Boyfriend Near Me...

I let him stay with me at Night since I'm alone at House cause my mom Is stay In at work. That night I Easily fall asleep, but I felt Uneasy I open my Eyes and Its 1:30 am. ahh I still need to sleep but when I moved my arms got heavy when I look I saw Catrang... His Two Arms was Hugging my Arms... I Felt Afraid but I thought maybe he accidentally do that.

The next day I Sleep again with Catrang... But I suddenly walk up at Midnight Cause I Felt Like Someone Is Watching Me! But when I get up I Saw Catrang at the Side of the closed Door he's Awake and His Eyes, He's Looking at me and Watching me Sleeping. And from my Shock I shout at Him... Catrang What are you Doing! I Felt Creepy...

The next day, I decided not to let him sleep with me. So I closed the door at the Room but I can't Sleep because of his sound... He keep Scratching the Door while Crying Meow! And he Even Knock at the Door. Outside of the House I Heard a Lot of Creepy noise and I ended Feeling So Afraid to Sleep Alone So I open the Door and Let Catrang Sleep with me again.

He's Sleeping on the Floor while I'm on Bed. But again when I Suddenly woke up I Saw and Felt him Hugging my Face. His 1 arm Is under my Neck while his other arm Is holding my face while his Face Is In the Side of my Face. I Felt so shock How can a Cat do everything that he Does. So I Put him outside of the house. I decided not to let him In at night.

The Next Day My Boyfriend and I are having a Chat at the House. Catrang Is there with Us. Out of curiosity I got my Boyfriends Phone and Called Catrang and I Take his Picture but I can't get a Good Image because he keep Moving. Like he don't want to be pictured. So I wait when he look at me I Instantly Take a Picture of him. But Its Weird and So Creepy! Catrang Is Not In the Picture.

Instead we Saw a Black Shadow of a Man! After that I Never Let Catrang Enter the House again. After a Days of Scratching, Knocking and Making Many Noises Catrang Left... I'm Sad.

After about 2 weeks Catrang Came Back. So Old and So Unwell then He Died... When I ask a Spiritualist and a Healer. She Told me that Catrangs Body was Possess by an Entity who Really wants to be Near Me. She Said that the Black Shadow Is The Guardian of the Well near our House.

She Said that Shadow Saw me Since I was Young everytime I'm at the Well. I Love the Well so Much when I was Young I Always Tell the Well "I Love you Well please don't Ever be out of Water ok" Maybe the Guardian of the Well Mistook It. She said from then on the Black Shadow Man Guard and Follow Me Around... The End Thank you All!

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