Death Doesn't Knock
Death Doesn't Knock sick stories

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How does it feel when death comes to everyone else before you?

Death Doesn't Knock

I close my eyes and remember their cheerful faces.

Surrounded by four white walls we call our safe spaces.

Her smile when her mother reads love letters.

His laugh when a friend comes to make him better.

The beeping sound from the machines never sounded so comforting

The breath from our nostrils seemed so very exhausting

It tells us, "You're alive, you're living"

We might as well set aside the pain we're feeling.

Almost every night I hear indistinct screams

I thought: "Is somebody hurting? Or is it just in my dreams?"

I open my eyes and hear someone weeping.

One after another, him and her, they were leaving.

Death needed not to knock at the door

He is still nearby waiting for just one more.

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