How Aaron Rodgers Went From No College Interest to NFL MVP
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Aaron Rodgers, the All-Pro Green Bay Packers quarterback and teammate, understudy and eventual successor to soon to be Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre, was once an undersized, under-recruited junior college player with garnering little attention. His story is one of perseverance, commitment and self-confidence. Despite insurmountable odds and a lack of notoriety, Rodgers found a unique path to NFL stardom.

How Aaron Rodgers Went From No College Interest to NFL MVP

He was a student of the game

As a kid, Rodgers’ favorite team was the 49ers and even at the age of 15 he could identify the opposing team’s blitzes, offensive audibles and other common calls – all from memory.

Rodgers didn't receive any Division I,II, or III offers

At Pleasant Valley High School, Rodgers was the starting quarterback for two years. He accumulated 4,421 passing yards and set single-game records of six touchdowns and 440 all-purpose yards.

Give up or give it my all?

He went to play football at Butte College (JUCO). Amazingly enough, Rodgers threw a total of 26 touchdowns in his freshman season, carrying Butte 10–1 record and a No. 2 national ranking.

Defeating the doubts

He was discovered by the California Golden Bears by the head coach who was following Butte for their tight end, Garrett Cross.

The Cal Quarterback is NFL ready

After his record setting career at Cal, he was drafted no. 24 in the second round of the 2005 NFL draft.

Aaron Rodgers’ journey should bring inspiration to every undersized and under recruited student-athlete facing adversity.

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i love watching aaron rodgers. every since he was a bear! thanks for sharing