Summer Heat By James
Summer Heat

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This summer was a good one❤️

Summer Heat By James

I never really enjoyed the heat; The feeling of sweat dripping dreadfully slow down my brow like a snail sneakily sliding through the dew-filled grass.

The cold stillness of winter is a treat; The feeling of frostbite settling into my skin like the warm embrace of a lover yet as cold as broken, brown brass.

The summer’s heat, however, holds a great place in my mind; From baseball blaring through the television and cold water waving by the shore to the warm sand soaking my feet and the warmness of my heart howling like never before.

The great outdoors ordering obstacles to hide mysteries to find; From insects inside warm wondrous grass building separate colonies under our noses to the trillions of trees tracing shadows where the sun closes.

The warm embrace of grass on our backs That feeling cannot be beat The beautiful leaf rustling that winter lacks My oh my how I love the summer’s heat

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