She Was the Galaxy By James
She Was the Galaxy

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She Was The Galaxy (love poem)

She Was the Galaxy By James

There are many stars in the sky But not many shined as bright No one understood exactly why Her beauty lit up the night

Everyone would cast her away For her beauty was too much No one ever wanted to stay They just used her as a crutch

What they did not know Is that her beauty went far deeper than the skin What she did not show Was that she hid a galaxy deep, deep within

One day a man gave her a chance But she could not trust She was sick of people wanting to dance With overwhelming lust

He was not like the others before He could see the galaxy inside He could see the beauty in her core And inside he wanted to reside

Her galaxy was as bright as ever And his eyes could truly see She finally wanted to stay forever And he grew a galaxy

No stars were as bright As the two were together They both lit up the night Forever and forever

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