Lonely Moon By James
Lonely Moon

By James lonely stories

jhwalker20 Aspiring poet looking for support❤️
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The moon looked kinda lonely❤️

Lonely Moon By James

Luna, sweet Luna, lonely and cold Luna, sweet Luna, shining so bold Luna sweet Luna, ancient and old Luna, sweet Luna, shining like gold

A tale as old as time, for it is when time began; the cruel cold departure of you and the land. Luna sweet Luna oh what a story, Luna sweet Luna oh what such glory.

The moon sits in the night sky so isolated from the rest, the outcast in the sky spinning solemnly around earth’s breast. Luna sweet Luna tread silently with speed, Luna sweet Luna you go without greed.

Luna, dear Luna, loving and bright Luna, dear Luna, shine in the night Luna, dear Luna, oh what a sight Luna, dear Luna, shine like a light

Dance elegantly in the star strewn sky, dance gracefully up so high; Luna dear Luna dance with grace, oh Luna dear Luna we cannot replace.

A beautiful dancer, so elegant and full; truly turning tides with an ever slight pull. Luna dear Luna as pale as a bone, Luna dear Luna you are not alone.

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