The Raindrop
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The raindrop Stands alone

The Raindrop

The raindrop

Stands alone

Then escapes the cloud

Like a skydiving soldier on mission

Whose face is proud.

It stands alone

In its descent,

Only to embrace the ground

As if it had a hand to hold.

But the earth is dry

And land is cold.

The rain drop is simple

And cool at heart.

Its thoughts so fickle

To make the foolish smart,

Yet I sometimes wonder

Were it sentient would it ponder

The significance of a lifetime between earth and yonder

And the sentiment of finding a purpose fonder.

For we are all like raindrops solitary

With a finite life span, temporary.

Some stand alone, and some find another

To join together and become stronger.

The lonely raindrop stands alone

But every raindrop makes the planet whole.

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