Something's Wrong.
Something's Wrong.  halloween-horror-2018 stories

jewelshine Community member
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So this is my story for the Halloween Horror contest. I tried my best, so it may be not spooky for you guys. I actually think it' lame, but lack of confidence there! So enjoy! Creeppy readers, and Happy early Halloween!

Something's Wrong.

Karen was spooked.

Was she supposed to be?

Because it's Halloween.

And people are supposed to be scared.

But herself?

It was really a stupid reason for a 14 year old.

Karen was shook herself out of her thougts and walked to her house.

But then something was wrong.

Wasn't her parents were supposed to be here?

Or her little brother? Who chirps around and demanding for more candy?

And Karen found her answer.

A monster. casted in silloheoute.

As ugly as anything alive in the world leaped at her, his fangs bared to strike.

Hands waving around, Karen was falling into a blackness of nothing.

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