ghosts three short poems
ghosts three short poems  horror stories

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thee poems about ghosts

ghosts three short poems

smile upon their pain

laugh at the blood

hear the darkest refrain

a lost kingdom of mud

has it been a thousand years?

who had sown the seeds?

lost to a thousand tears

a dead kingdom has no needs

come dance with the dead

in the highest of halls

in the place where our king to death bled

hear our desperate calls

lose yourself amongst the ghosts

lose yourself to the night

we welcome you as your gracious hosts

we don't wish you any fright

hear her scream in pain

pooling around her bright crimson blood

hear the darkest refrain

her body in the mud

her ghost all in white

pulls children to their death

takes them underground out of sight

parents dig till out of breath

so many souls are lost to her rage

many find themselves misbegotten

the only way to escape her is age

for to grownups, she is forgotten

the music plays long and slow

gods above spin a loom

the room is filled with a soft glow

a man and a woman dressed for the tomb

her end came in murder and blood

his came in a fire

the ruined house half sunk in the mud

the house they shared through times good and times dire

together they will dance until the moon is low

perhaps taken to early before their first dance

married at first sight no time to be slow

the couple wanted a life they wanted a chance

now in death, they can dance forever

free from all but their love

you can see them if you're clever

into the sky, they go him a lion her a dove

into the stars

into mars

beyond the world of cruel fate and ill chance

preserved by the gods as constellations they dance

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