The Boy Who Felt (PT 2/3)
The Boy Who Felt (PT 2/3) series stories
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jessyjerry03 Just a 16 year old girl with love issues
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Always tell someone how you feel because opportunities are lost in the blink of an eye but regret can last a lifetime. -Unknown

The Boy Who Felt (PT 2/3)

By jessyjerry03

The boy who felt was not just any other boy.

The boy who felt was a boy who felt with his heart and soul.

So when he fell for the Girl Who Dreamed,

He fell hard.

Not only did he fall for her beauty,

But for her intelligence and wit.

For her personality and how he could so easily get lost in her eyes.

For her smile and for her laugh.

God, he loved her laugh.

In school, he always tried to crack stupid jokes in front of her so she would let out a her adorable laugh and playfully call him stupid.

No, he didn't just fall for her beauty.

He fell for her entire being.

The Boy Who Felt wanted to ask the girl of his dreams to be his at the end of the year dance,

But he felt too nervous to even talked to her.

She was too beautiful.

There were no words to accurately explain her beauty.

The boy who felt’s friend had asked the girl he love’s friend to be his.

Her friend agreed of course.

The boy who felt was tempted to do the same but he was to nervous.

He knew he would just get tongue-tied and make a fool of himself.

But he promised himself, he would ask her to be his.

He promised himself that he would treat her right.

He promised to make the Girl who Dreamed happy for the rest of her life.

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