Pretty Lies
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jessyjerry03 Just a 16 year old girl with love issues
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I decided to write this because the guy who I was crushing on at the time said he liked me back. Then days later he started to date my best friend. Writing this is what helped me get over that.

Pretty Lies

F*** You and your pretty lies.

You never cared about me or my feelings.

All you wanted to do was get close to my friend.

I should’ve never believed your pretty lies

Because, in reality,

You have an ugly soul.

The ugliest my pure soul has ever crossed.

And you tainted my kind soul with your pretty lies.

I sucked them all in.

I had believed each and every one of them.

God was I gullible.

Desperate, even.


For once I had felt pretty.

For once I had felt as though someone cared.

For once I had felt loved.

But they were all just pretty lies.

Because you wanted my best friend.

I wish I had never fallen for your pretty lies that day.

Because it lead to getting hurt in the end.

You were just a nightmare disguised as a daydream.

And damn did you have a pretty good disguise.

So f*** you and your pretty lies.

I will never fall for one of them again.

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