Perpetual High

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jessyjerry03 Just a 16 year old girl with love issues
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The withdrawal symptoms of love, affection and friendship.

Perpetual High

By Jessyjerry03

The rooms dark, aside from the flashing colorful lights that sync with the blaring music.

I smile as I greet the abundance of people, some of whom I hardly know and others who I've known for lifetimes.

I dance until my feet are numb, as songs blasting in the background send electric shocks through my veins. They're absolutely addicting and I feel alive.

As the night draws to a close, I head back home with an electric current running through my body and a smile etched into my features. I crash into bed feeling as if I'm on top of the world.

Then suddenly, I'm awakened. Laying on my soft pillow and staring at the ceiling as the morning light shines through my window.

That euphoric feeling I felt hours ago slowly fades away until I'm left with nothing. That feeling of numb, desolate emptiness that swallows you whole. The type that seeps into your nerves and leaves you craving what you just lost.

A perpetual high that dissipated in my sleep.

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