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jessyjerry03 Just a 16 year old girl with love issues
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Love is hard.


By Jessyjerry03

It’s hard.

What’s hard do you ask?

Falling for someone who you know will never love you back.

Falling for someone who everyone says you look like siblings.

Falling for someone who calls you his sister for fun.

Falling for someone who you could call your only guy best friend..

But you know that to him your just a friend.

Not someone who he’s close too.

Not someone he cares about.

Just a friend.

“But at least he’s a friend” is what I try convincing myself is a good thing.

When in reality, I think that that might hurt more.

Knowing that you’re being put into this little thing called the friend zone which in reality isn’t really little at all.

It’s a big deal.

To me at least.

Falling for someone who you’ll never have but have to see and talk to every single day of your life,

It’s hard.

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