Broken Girl
Broken Girl sad stories

jessyjerry03 Just a 16 year old girl with love issues
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This broken girl excepts your apology ❤️

Broken Girl

By jessyjerry03

This broken girl accepts your apology.

But don’t you worry, because she’s not all that broken anymore.

She picked up the pieces of her broken heart and stitched them back together herself,

Because she realized that she didn’t need a man who manipulates in her life.

I will not lie,

It did take some time.

And I will not lie,

It did hurt at first.

But what’s in the past is past,

He said he love me, he hurt me,

We warned you so many times when he said he loved you too,

That he would hurt you as well

And then he did.

The thing is, that’s all he’ll ever be able to do.

All he’s ever done.

Hurt and Hurt and HURT.

But this broken girl accepts your apology.

Because she’s not broken anymore.

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