Vivid Dreams
Vivid Dreams 
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jessieg87 Eager Newcomer
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I’m writing about some stories I remembered when I dreamt at night.

Vivid Dreams

Every night I close my eyes, Neurons set the stage for plays.

Sometime I was the main actor, The other just an observer.

I was a detective Partying on a haunted cruise

Where all guests were ghosts Stuck in a time-loop.

A murder occurred, At the same time and day.

I must solve the puzzle, Or else my body would decay.

Then the scene shifted To an exquisite library, Where books talked to each other And tables flew in the air.

Yet I was just a stage of mind, A soul with no control.

A classroom came in, All dressed in Victorian clothings. They had on masquerade masks Why so secretive?

Another scene appeared, And I regained command.

Standing on grassy ground Staring at constellations.

Wind was blowing through my hair, Fireflies came from all directions.

My eyes traced the emerald lights, And to my amazes, Shiny beetles had formed Figures of boy and girl Kissing passionately Near the lotus lake.

Every night I closed my eyes, Every night my mind led me To the strangest place.

I am excited and sometime afraid For the unknown in my dreamland.

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