Powder Blue & Honey
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jessicastanfill Community member
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A bittersweet tribute to unrequited love

Powder Blue & Honey

Daydreams and pillowcase wishes

Thoughts of longing and belonging to your hold

Separation and distance, disappear in an instant

Most thoughts revert back to you

You and your dance

The way you sit in a room gathering with friends and fill them all with your comforting warmth and inviting glow

You sweet firecracker rain storm

The most man I've ever wanted

The most home I've ever been and yet I don't know these streets where I stand

Hold my hand, tell me you know who I've been and where we've met before

I remember shimmering brown eyes and that crooked boyish grin

You stir my heart like it very well might be your cup of tea

Hands entwined and lives sewn hastily together

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