My Zephyr
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A little about my Zephyr

My Zephyr

My Zephyr was born a day after death. His birthday heralds the spring. Like the wind he is named for, he breezes through life on a cloud of his own. Another name would never have been so apt.

His mood can be like the oncoming storm or it can be as soft as a kiss. His hair came out of a hurricane. His eyes are like the sea. His skin has beautiful bronze scales.

He sounds like a mysterious creature, a legend perhaps. But to me, he's just my Zephyr.

His voice can be quiet and sweet like strawberries. His scream could rival a banshees. His mind is as sharp as any needle and his kindness is present every day.

Soon my Zephyr will be guardian of Finn. A job he doesn't understand just yet. Time flies by but in the end this boy of the wind, the spring, the storm and the scales, will always be my wonderful Zephyr.

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