Gingey learns a lesson
Gingey learns a lesson  chicken stories

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Gingey was a gentle chicken. Most of her day consisted of preening her orange feathers and hunting down snails in the garden. One day, something bizarre happened.

Gingey learns a lesson

Gingey was a gentle chicken. Most of her day consisted of preening her orange feathers and hunting down snails in the garden. One day, something bizarre happened.

Gingey woke to a great rock in her nest. It was beige in colour and oval shaped. She ran from the nest, fearful of how and why this mysterious thing got in there.

She began to scream for help, clucking her little lungs out "Lady! Lady! Remove this thing from my bed! Now!"

Gingey's Lady was quick to task removing the strange object and quickly giving Gingey a pat.

Gingey thought this behaviour was a little strange because this kind of attention didn't usually happen when Gingey was yelling about something, but she accepted the praise just the same.

The next day Gingey woke to another discomfort.

There was another rock in her nest! How they kept getting in there was getting beyond a joke! She clucked her hardest and her Lady came again and collected the rock.

Gingey decided it was time to ask around about this odd development. She went to her feed bowl and saw the pigeons sitting on top of it as always.

Normally Gingey wouldn't give them the time of day because they were smelly, nasty food thieves but, given the circumstances, she had to at least attempt to talk to them.

"Excuse me pigeons" said Gingey in her most high-and-mighty cluck "I need to ask you some questions about some mysterious rocks." The pigeons looked at her quizzically and then at eachother.

"What's so important about a rock?"

"Well they've been turning up in my nest, you see. It's rather bothersome"

"That seems unusual, even for a rock"

"Yes, you see my dilemma then" one of the pigeons leapt down from the feed bowl next to Gingey and started plodding along toward the coop and Gingey's nest.

"Just where do you think you're going, pigeon?" Gingey was shocked at the idea of some strange bird seeing her private nest.

It was unseemly! Not to mention the scandal it could bring about if the swallows found out!

"Have to have a look ma'm, ter see what all this rock business is about". Gingey huffed and followed after the pigeon, shoving him inside the coop before anyone could see.

"Nice place!" he said as he went up the ramp to Gingey's private quarters.

He looked around the room, then at the nest and looked very closely at the dent in the straw that had been made by the rock. Then he did something that shocked Gingey to her very core.

He started laughing. Not the gentle laugh of a slightly amused bird, oh no, this was a great, heaving, snorting thing of a laugh. The pigeon just couldn't stop.

"Now just what is the meaning of this pigeon? What is so funny?" Gingey was flabbergasted and frustrated.

"It's an egg ma'm!" the pigeon heaved in a breath before continuing his infuriating guffaw.

"It is a what?"

"An egg ma'm, not a rock! It came from your bum!" and with that Gingey threw the pigeon out of her coop where he landed right on his own backside in the mud.

Gingey was terribly embarrassed by the whole situation and couldn't help but wonder if the silly pigeon was right. Did that egg come out of her... nethers? How undignified!

That night Gingey couldn't sleep. If rocks came out of her body, what could fall out next? Would she turn inside out? But, as the sun began to rise, Gingey felt something in her insides.

She wondered why she hadn't woken up to the feeling before and lo and behold out popped another of these "eggs".

From that day on Gingey was quiet about her "eggs". She didn't want to alert any other birds to her odd bodily function, especially not those darned pigeons!

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