Leverton Street
Leverton Street murder stories

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leverton street. the one where the dad killed the mom and the daughter is alone to fend for herself while living with an abusive drunk

Leverton Street

Lying in bed, attempting to go back to sleep, Emma stuffs her face into the pillow and just lies still.

She hears the yelling from the floor below her begin and she groans. Every night this is what she hears and lives. It always starts off with a civil dinner, one of them cleans the table off while the other two wash and dry the dishes. Once done with that, Emma heads to her room. Being the only child sucks at times of these fights. It stays quiet for about an hour or two and then it begins. It lasted only forty minutes tonight, though.

A shatter. Then a scream. This is new, its always verbal, never, as she's assuming what's happening right now, physical.

"Richard, stop it right now. Emma is upstairs. Please don't do this with her in the house." The all to familiar voice shook. "No, Richard. Sto- No! You're hurting me! Please! Let go of me!" Sobbing. Screaming for help. Yelling at Emma to cover her ears and close her eyes, just like she was told to do to get away from the monsters.

"Linda, I swear to God. If you don't shut the fuck up, you'll regret it even more dammit!" This voice never gradually grew this loud and terrifying before. She tighten her eyes shut even more until she sees tiny white stars, her hands clamp shut even harder on her ears to the point to where they need to be popped, just like when you're in an airplane and are beginning to get higher up in the air.

Emma never knew how to feel during these fights. Sure, she was scared, but that was because yelling was happening. She didn't like yelling. She never saw it as something that ended a problem. It just made it grow bigger into something worse. But now, it's not just yelling. It's more than that and her stomach was clenching in knots, her head was pounding, and her fingertips felt numb.

She hears things fall to the floor, either making a shattering sound or a thunk-thunk of a heavy object falling to the floor and surprisingly bounce off the ground two or three times. "My ship went down in a sea of sound. When I woke up alone, I had everything. A handful of moments, I wished I could change. And a tongue like a nightmare that cut like a blade."

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