Are You For Real?
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jessicakellow Grade 9, writes poems and short stories
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This is a poem about people who fake mental illness (factitious disorder). I am entering it for a slam poetry competition and just wanted some feedback! i know it's long, but please read the whole thing!

By: Me!

Are You For Real?

by Me!

Anxiety is common,

So is depression,

But for some faking OCD is their only real obsession.

So insistent,

They claim it’s all legitimate,

But is it?

It’s called “factitious disorder”,

When a narcissist’s brain goes out of order,

They think playing crazy’s making themselves look better,

Only now they’re stuck with this pathetic act forever.

The last thing I want to do is insult the mentally ill,

But I can’t tell,

I’m overwhelmed,

Are they really unwell?

But how are we supposed to tell the difference?

Are you being truthful?


This is awful,

I can’t tell!

Is she really schizophrenic,

Or is it inauthentic?

Maybe she’s looking for attention,

Or maybe,

She really is.

Honestly, though,

How are we supposed to know?

A good psychiatrist can read through all the lies,

No matter how hard you try,

You’ve brought on your own demise.

Commit a crime,

Can’t serve the time,

Trying to avoid a life sentence?

Suddenly pleading insanity just doesn’t make any sense!

Puts a cute little twist on,

“Fake it till you make it,”

So just quit,

You’re unfit,

Admit it,

You’re lying!

Maybe it’s done for attention,

Think you’ll gain others affection,

A misconception,

But desperation quickly turns into deception.


People don’t need,


To replicate their odd behavior,

Just save us the trouble,

Of listening to you grumble,

About a problem you don’t even have!

So yeah,

I have an issue with hypocrites and copycats,

It’s a mistake,

Give me a break,

An escape from your stupid acting!

So for you guys out there that are suffering,

With an actual mental illness,

It’s okay,

Don’t listen to what I’m about to say.

But for those people who think,

That you can get away with pretending,

Let’s pray for you,

That this is the ending.

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