A Relapser’s Ghost
A Relapser’s Ghost longing stories

jessicaeuyoqui Community member
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A look inside of what it’s like to live w/ someone who relapses 💔

A Relapser’s Ghost

You're a ghost

I can see slow death in your eyes

I start to lose you more with every lie

I'm losing you

U can't deny

The pain you carry inside

What r u running from

The truth or the lies

A ghost, transparent

you can't hide

The man beaming with light

Is turning gray losing his might

Darkness surrounds you

You can't deny

Praying for your safety

From that lonely flight

But you're not coming

If you do, You never stay long

Your ghost is all that remains

That, and the remnants of pain

You pop in to say hello

Tormenting me from down below

How can I lay you to rest

How do I completely let u go?

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