Readers digested j
Readers digested j scary story stories

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Some people should no not to steal, and if they do. It could have deadly consequences.

Readers digested j

Readers digest

There was a very famous author named Jesse, who had written quite a few best-selling horror novels, and short story collection's.

All of the literary critics national magazine's, had praised him for his talents for making superb plot twists and surprise endings.

Jesse received a large amount of fan mail every day and some aspiring authors even sent him their manuscripts in the hopes that he would help them get their work seen and published.

Some even asking to co-write a book together.

While jesse took pleasure in responding tto all the letters from his fans all over the world. He took even more pleasure in stealing the ideas from amateur writers that trusted him.

If he came across a manuscript with a great idea for a scary story, he would use it twist it and make it into one of his own books and deny the author any credit or royalties.

Then, in order to hide his theft,

he pulled some strings with his friends in the higher up positions in the publishing industry to make sure that the original author never got anything published in the future.

One day, Jesse received a new manuscript in the mail. It was bound in a beautiful hardcover, and this made him very happy.

Anyone that takes such good care or a manuscript like this, takes pride in he's work and knows it's good.

He read the first chapter and felt that he knew how the story would end, because it was like something he would write.

As he continued reading, he became more and more certain that he could guess the twisted ending to this book.

It was getting late however, but he wanted, no he said to himself "I must finish reading this manuscript". He needed to see whether or not he was right.

When Jesse came to the final chapter, he realized that the last few pages of the book were glued together like some kind of prank.

Annoyed and anxious to read the rest he sat and thought about it, then he started to pull the pages apart as carefully as he could.

He was increasingly getting more tired, but he still kept reading the rest of it. Finally, he came to the end of the book. It was exactly the twist ending he had anticipated.

Tired but still he felt the surge of energy the great ending gave him.

The husband had ended up hanging himself just as his wife was committing suicide in the next room and then together they're forced to haunt the place for eternity.

Jesse made a mental note to steal this idea and use a twisted version of it in his next story.

Just then, he noticed that, after the words ”THE END“, there was a little hand-written comment from the original author. It read:

”I already know that you are planning to steal the ideas in this story. I know, because you did the exact same thing to me the last time I sent you a manuscript.

You published it under your own name and didn’t give me any credit. You ripped me off and blacklisted me in the industry.

You made sure nobody would accept any of my novel's and I will never again be able to publish anything I write. You have ruined my life and now I am going to have my revenge.

You had to pull apart the back pages in order to read this, didn’t you? Well those pages contained a poison. Of Arsenic, to be precise. Are you feeling tired? That is normal.

It’s one of the symptoms of arsenic poisoning. Soon, your heartbeats will get slower and slower until your heart will eventually stop. PERMANENTLY! Don’t bother trying to call for an ambulance.

Because you will be dead before they arrive I promise. Think about it, you have already beem exposed for far too long. Goodbye, Jesse. Some twists to the endings can be very hard to predict".

Some even harder to digest......

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