Oh sweet white winged dove
Oh sweet white winged dove world record poetry stories

jessclair Community member
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''Without you the wind would blow without golden feathers riding it''

Oh sweet white winged dove

I want to dance to the beat of your heart, the mystifying rhythm of your pulse mixed with the ever so sweet harmony of the air filling your lungs, don't ever let me go,

whisper in my ear and remind me that I am home.

You remind me of a white winged dove, turning all heads as he swoops through, showing off his true beauty as he glides through his day,

hurting not a soul and avoiding prey for he could not handle life if he had to hurt the sun. Not even mother nature could be the gentle man you have become.

Your sweet gentle hands heal my broken soul, you remind me once again that my heart does not deserve a thousand pin pricked holes as you sew them back together. 

I cry, I cry because without your beauty in my life, the wind would blow without golden feathers riding it, the sky would fill with millions of lonley stars that wonder just where the moon went,

the plants would feed off unpurified water, and my hands lay on a bed of nails because all the sheets were wet.

Your life is my escape and when I dance with you I feel my body is awake, my smile is real, my heart hammers like a woodpecker finding his lunch and i just want you to know,

that you are loved my sweet white winged dove.

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