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“Clinkuss is a demonic woman, sharp razor claws for nails, dark pools of black pupil and teeth that can shreonds. But what happens when the story comes alive and terrorises a family.


“Clinkuss is a demonic woman, sharp razor claws for nails, dark pools of black pupil and teeth that can shred you in seconds.

Whilst you sleep she creeps along your ceiling, her bloated corpse letting out a foal smell as bits of flesh drip from her body.

Slowly her neck and head twist around is a gruesome clicking matter as she turns to look at your sleeping body” my sister screamed.

I had only gotten to the good bit of my story before my sister interrupted me. Annoyed with her I went to bed, but mainly for fear of my parents awakening.

“Enjoy clinkuss” I said as I turned the lights of and left her in darkness, good I thought.

After slowly getting into my bed I started to drift of to sleep when a loud noise from the opposite side of my room awoken me. I wasn’t the scardey type kid so I chose to ignore.

Lying back down I noticed something pretruding from below my bed. Slowly I looked over the edge and noticed a rotting hand, with razor sharp claws.

It’s clinkuss I thought she’s real? I grabbed my phone silently and texted my sister hoping her to be awake.

I told her to get in here and turn the lights on NOW! I heard her footsteps across the landing avoiding the creaks as I had taught her. She opened my door and her eyes showed what I feared.

She saw it too. Just then a force of wind slammed the door shut, hitting my sisters head. She collapsed to the floor like a lifeless rag doll.

i made a rapid choice leaping from my bed and grabbing my sisters hand, I dragged her down the stairs. On the middle landing I checked in my parents room.

They where gone and my brother remained asleep. I grabbed him too and with great difficult managed to get them down the final flight of stairs.

I headed to the kitchen where I got the sharpest night possible as multiple clinkuss creatures of all shapes and varieties came at me.

I brandished the knife preparing to fight as one bit me from behind on my arm and I collapsed into an endless sleep.

I woke up eventually, in a room of white and a doctor standing there reading a clipboard of notes. “Your awake” he said.

I glanced around the room “where’s my family? I asked fearful of What the outcome could be “ safe .... from you” he replied. “Me” I said aghast “ I saved them at least I tried”.

“ no you didn’t you nearly killed them, it’s my fault your parents where worried about you and all that goth and horror stuff.

So I prescribed them a new range of tablets which should of helped with your abnormal interests in the supernatural.

But it seems you had an adverse reaction instead of bringing you away from horror it trapped you in its realms,

In other words you had a phycotic break down and near most murdered your family” “ are they ok” I asked.

“ well from the force of the door,

your sister consequently broke her neck and doctors are fearful she will never walk again and for your parents got lucky we arrived when they phoned or else you would of stabbed them

to death” and what about jake my baby brother? “ well sadely his body was never found, I don’t know what you did with him.

“Me? It was clinkuss, she took him , she took him and she’s coming for me. She’s going to get me” I yelled “ shhhhhh” don’t worry the doctor said placing a needle into my arm, all will be ok.

Just as I was drifting back off to sleep clinkuss was watching from the corner, her knexk twisted around and she grinned at me. Her razor teeth glistening in the moonshine.

“Your next” she hissed

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