Undisclosure Chapter 8: The Interrogation Part 3/3

Chapter 8: The Interrogation

Part 3/3  post-apocalypse stories

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Many years after the post-environmental apocalypse and the reconstruction of civilization and nature, the world populations united into one nation, " the Federal Republic of New Hope", ruled by one government with the belief in Freedom, Peace, and Justice.

An eighteen-year-old girl named Alexis had been sentenced to enter the rehabitilation program as she'd judged to be involved in H01 case. Those who had the superhuman ability must be cured. This was how her
bright future ended.

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Undisclosure Chapter 8: The Interrogation Part 3/3

The man who had to interrogate Wade moved his focus from Belinda to the boy in front of him. He arranged a pile of papers several times before questioning Wade. “Mr. Miller, please answer our question carefully. Do you have any idea about this?”

He showed the photo of Peter walking on water. Because the picture had been captured from the video clip, its quality was not good. Wade held his breath, ready to answer. “We tried to make a magic trick video to upload in our school community website. You can see it clearly that there is a glass sheet under the water and four boys in the pool carried it.

I am the one who recorded the video. In the video clip, it may look like he can walk on water. We tried to trick our friends and intended to upload the second video that reveals the trick after the first one. Anyway, I was drunk and now I see that it’s a foolishly fake video.”

No electric shock, Alexis listened carefully. In the deepest sense, she knew he would not lie after experiencing the pain he had experienced and his answer was assuring without any staccato rhythm.

“Good. Now this,” he showed another photo. It was the drugs in the party, including packs of cocaine, marijuana cigarettes, and condoms. Wade confessed immediately, “Only one belongs to me. The others, I don’t know.”

“Which one belongs to you?” “The cocaine, that one in the blue zip lock.” “Did you regularly organize sex and drug party?” The officer chortled, so did the others.

“Once a month, does it regularly?” Wade paused and seemed to concern on his bad mouth. He looked at Alexis to see if his answer wronged to them. When she said it was alright, he continued. “No…sir. It’s normal party. You can find it in every party, teens or adults. They always have these things”

“But they’re illegal and you’re the candidate and the team captain.” “Is condom illegal too?” The eyes of cruelty glared at them. Alexis got chilling when those eyes fell on her. Wade realized his mistake. “My bad, sir. Yes, I know wholeheartedly they’re illegal.”

The man who questioned Wade controlled his temper. The boy had the irritating habit sometimes but he should know when he could do it.

“Mr. Miller, you are convicted of illegal drug possession less than 100 gram and will be fined 50,000 rels or sentenced one year in jail. Unless we find any Suspect or Risk, your punishment will be pardoned but we still have to give you the other punishment.

Like Ms. Carter, we found none evidence indicating you are qualified as the Suspect or the Risk, please wait for the final judgment again.”

Alexis had expected it but she understood that it was impossible to control the temper when their judgment was clearly unfair.

“Excuse me? Do I have to wait for the final judgment? So if you found any Suspect or any Risk, I have to go to the program with them, right? To seal my mouth and my witness in this room, I know what you’re going to do. Can you tell me how it relates to my offense? This is unfair and I want to pay the fine.”

In a flash of time, the electricity passed through Alexis’s body, she could not help but scream in agony. It lasted just one second but absolutely painful, as if it fed all her energy and all she could do was breathe difficultly. The girl tried to control her stiff hands. It’s not a lie detector. Someone must control it!

“I’m sorry, Alex. I don’t know it will hurt you,” Wade apologized and kept his mouth shut eternally, losing his courage to be against the judgment that lacked legitimacy. This proved that Jesse’s warning was right. These people had made the decision. They could do nothing but listened to their bullshit.

“Do you have anything to say, Mr. Miller?” His tone was full of mockery. “No sir,” Wade replied, his hands shaking. “Good.”

Alexis lowered her head in disappointment. Jesse was right but not all of it. He was correct about the authority acted like the bully. Like Mr. Miller’s case, she meant Wade’s father who threatened the police with the will to free his child but the outcome was dissatisfied. More importantly, Wade was right.

They tried to close their mouth about this cruel interrogation and unjust judgment. Alexis could sense they attempted to accuse them of the wrongdoing they did not commit. She prepared her mind to handle anything that was going to come to her next.

It took a few times for Alexis to discover the answer. If all the adolescents were released, the government would be the fool in front of the public when they listened to the girl’s lie without proper investigation. She thought she knew what would happen to her. The girl clenched her fists. I can handle it. I can prove that they threaten the innocent children.

The woman in front of her revealed a soft smile, the same smile that the psycho murderer showed the victims before slaying them cruelly. “Ms. Davis, tell us what is your special ability that Ms. Stephen tried to cover it from us?”

Alexis sensed the eyes of friends staring at her but she truly did not understand the question how Ms. Stephen related to this case, “Ms. Stephen?” She frequently met this nurse when she was a little but it was long ago. To be honest, Mary Stephen was not the family’s close friend. Bianna, her mother did not like Alexis to play with this nurse.

The corner of her left eye caught how Oslo tried to shrink away but nothing happened. I speak the truth and my feeling is true, except that someone’s holding the controller.

“Yes, Mary Stephen” The officer stressed her words but the girl was still confused. Alexis shook her head, “I don’t understand, honestly not’.” And Oslo was still fine.

The interrogative officers discussed with each other. So she spent this time to survey around the room, learning how the two police stood still like marble sculptures. Alexis could not saw the blond police’s name when her fish tails covering the nametag. In a few minutes later, the officer continued her job.

“Ms. Davis, please looked at this screen.” Alexis raised her head, watching the plan of this police station on the screen object whose size was similar to a large book. She had never seen this kind of advanced technology before because the users only touched the screen and could control the application via the display screen.

The female officer counted to ten then signaled the police Joseph to unlock her right arm. “Please draw the plan,” she ordered and overturned that tablet.

“I’m left-handed sir.” She told him. The cop nodded and changed his position to unlock her left arm. They gave her a transparent sheet and a black pen. Alexis began to draw the plan from her memory. It took about five minutes then she returned her drawing to Joseph. He locked her arm again.

The woman laid her drawing on the screen. She showed it to everyone in the room. Alexis’s drawing perfectly fitted in the original plan. The other officers nodded to each other. “When did you discover this skill? “Maybe seven years old, I’m not sure.”

“With this skill, don’t you think you’re better than anyone else? Or different from the others?” “No, it’s just a memorization skill. There are plenty of people have better skills than me or weirder than me. I like it, especially when I have exams.” Her interviewer laughed softly and bobbed her head. “Did your parents know?”

Alexis got stunned for a few seconds because she was afraid they would try to arrest her parents too. “…Yes, they said God gives me a very good gift but it doesn’t make me different from the others.” “They did say that? Don’t you think they try to cover it?”

Alexis tried to be wise. “No. If they try to cover it they would ask me to hide it but they didn’t.” It was the half-truth but the electric shock had not harmed Oslo.

“She really thinks she’s normal,” the male officer who interviewed Wade interrupted and all of them were nodding in mutual agreement. Their similar gesture stirred up a strange feeling inside her stomach. These people act like the robots from the same factory.

Alexis tried not letting the nervousness troubling her mind. She spoke the truth or at least, she thought it was the truth and it would not harm her. Their attempt to accuse her would be unsuccessful, the girl assured herself. It’s gonna be alright. I just have a good memory. Father always says that it’s a special talent but not the danger.

But what happens to Ms. Stephen? Why did they mention her name?

“Ms. Davis, how do you feel when you’re in a dusty room?” “Itchy, I get running nose and rash on my skin. I’m allergic to dust.” She hated the way they exchanged their eyes to each other.

At last, the women declared the judgment. “For your case, we can’t say you have hypochondria because you are made to believe that you’re allergic to dust since childhood. It’s our body that sometimes plays trick to us. Ms. Davis, according to your blood test, you have no allergy in anything, which means that you are 100% healthy and ...

...Mary Stephen who recorded this false information in your medical history is trying to cover something about you…from us. And it may relate to the talent you have.”

“It’s a normal gift,” Wade blurted out. Again, another electrical shock ran through Alexis’s body. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry.”

“Don’t say anything. Please?” She begged him even though knowing that he just wanted to protect her and himself for the reason that if they found none who could be the Suspect or the Risk, Wade could just pay the fine and returned to his normal life. “I’m sorry to say this, but Ms. Davis, you are qualified to be the Suspect.”

It was the same feeling when she saw June and Davy together, the emptiness inside her chest. After that, the greatest disappointment started to move her mind. “I speak the truth and this skill is just a normal skill,” she said to them, trying so hard to control her voice volume.

“My dear girl, we’re all in mutual agreement that you’re qualified and need to join our rehabilitation program. Don’t worry, child. We can fix you.” Fix me? Ridiculous. So what? So I can’t argue with your wrong judgment? Alexis tried to steady herself. Be calm. Be calm.

It was hard to accept the judgment with the same old obedience because the judgment denoted the undesirable legal process. A few days ago, apart from the heartbroken story that seemed to be ancient, Alexis still saw her life as the new freshman in the medical school of Delphi in the case that...

she could not win the scholarship, bright and beautiful her life would have been. She would have joined a sorority and the basketball club, taken the other magazine shootings, and returned home during the breaks. Even though her father did not like the model job, Alexis loved it and dreamed to be the famous model and the smart doctor at the same time.

Being the suspect means the end of the bright future, the end of liberation, and the dream. The rehabilitation program they claimed to fix people had never succeeded to cure those whom they charged with. No one returned to tell them what they had faced and how. Alexis could not return home, the best place in this world. She could not return to the people she loved.

Is it…the new freedom they claimed? “Is there anything to say to us?” “Obey them,” Jesse voiced in her mind. No, her heart opposed but…How can I do? How can I change their judgment? If I try to defend myself, Oslo will get hurt.

“No” Alexis reluctantly answered. Her eyes brimmed with tears. She was always obedient but what gave her? Her life was ruined. Alexis was not the only one who was crying. Belinda and Wade also realized their fate. We are merely the slave of the corrupted system.

“…So if you found any Suspect or Risk, I have to go to the program with them, right?” She looked at Wade but he did not return his gaze to anyone. I’m sorry. I’m sorry I can’t defend myself and you’re dragged with me.

The last one was Oslo. She hoped that he would survive from this unjustness. Even so, the man that interviewed him mentioned about the abnormality of his grades recorded by Mrs. Dobies, their math teacher, and was Ms. Stephen’s sister.

“…Mr. Jessens, it is clear that Mrs. Dobies, similar to Ms. Davis’s case, tried to cover something about you. Regarding all of your profile, it is possible that you are qualified to be the Suspect. We all have the mutual agreement to judge that you are qualified and needed to receive the rehabilitation program as same as Ms. Davis.”

“It’s not clear that I’m one of them. There’s no clear evidence indicating my identity as the suspect. I don’t think I deserve…”

Belinda bellowed in suffering. Oslo closed his mouth tightly. Alexis saw the tears at the corner of his eyes but he held it bravely. In this room, everyone’s name should be removed from this fucking H01 case.

They swallowed the bitterness inside because sometimes tears could not release the entire sorrow they were enduring now. How was their future? Who ought to be responsible for it? How would the program treat them? Who knew?

Bullshit, this is bullshit. End of Chapter

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