Undisclosure Chapter 8: The Interrogation Part 1/3

Chapter 8: The Interrogation

Part 1/3  post-apocalypse stories

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Many years after the post-environmental apocalypse and the reconstruction of civilization and nature, the world populations united into one nation, " the Federal Republic of New Hope", ruled by one government with the belief in Freedom, Peace, and Justice.

An eighteen-year-old girl named Alexis had been sentenced to enter the rehabitilation program as she'd judged to be involved in H01 case. Those who had the superhuman ability must be cured. This was how her
bright future ended.

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Undisclosure Chapter 8: The Interrogation Part 1/3

Jesse told her everything would be alright. On this account, even the cold concrete floor could not be bothered anymore. Alexis woke up with the thought that she would be free this day. After a short period of sleeping, Alexis saw some of her friends still had eyes open wide. All acknowledged the fact that Belinda Carter reported the lie.

Therefore, some felt comfortable with the situation but some continued to be unsettling. Due to this law directly related to the H01 case, the authority regarded the Risk and the Suspect as harmful threats to the federal republic so did the arrested.

As everybody here was caged because of the lie, if the law was strict but just, the authority would not treat them like the criminals for sure. Alexis had faith in justice and Jesse.

Thanked the luck or whatever, Alexis stayed in the opposite cell that imprisoned Wade and Belinda together. They shouted and stopped and shouted. The heat around them which might be hotter than the heat in summer could be visible to the eyes, as she saw the way friends moved away from their radius and let them fight at the center. They had never been enemies until this day.

Belinda had to suffer from the angry eyes of many friends after their parents told them who brought up this trouble, they blamed her for everything. It might be hard to believe that this girl, who was the student president, had done such thing.

Firstly, Alexis felt indifferent to Belinda’s behavior but began to feel a little bit frustrated when she insisted her right to do. Sometimes smart people could be unexpectedly stupid but Alexis wanted to learn what the real reason was.

Later, the argument between Wade and Belinda started to be more violent until the other had to intervene or else they might kill each other before being released. It was about an hour and the new fight started. It turned out to be the boring loop.

After midday, the police came to free some cellmates. At least, the whole cheerleading team was freed. Alexis and Oslo watched their friends walking out of the cell crying with happiness.

They were eager to be free like them but as the sunlight withdrew from the small window above their head, they began to be anxious because there were only Alexis, Oslo, Wade, and Belinda waiting for the call, even Wade and Belinda stop fighting.

“Why there are only us...left?” asked Oslo wrinkled his brows together. “Is it fishy?” “There are many people. We’re just the last,” Alexis tried to explain the current situation.

“Why me?” murmured Belinda. As Alexis saw Wade’s capillary on his forehead gradually danced, she hurriedly talked to him just to shift his attention to herself; or else, they might fight again, “It’s gonna be alright.”

“Don’t you think it’s weird? We’re all the candidates,” Oslo was still skeptical and then he pointed out the clue. “We’re no more candidates, redhead. Thanks to this bitch,” replied Wade.

In a few seconds, Alexis understood Oslo’s point. He was right that it was too long and the only people left were the crème of the school. They should be released since the others were free. It was not a good sign at all. “Just take time,” Alexis summarized with her fingers’ crossed.

In the late evening, Joseph, a policeman, called them to change their clothes that the parents packed for them yesterday’s night. Horrifying, they demanded the answer from him.

“Why don’t you free us?” “Is there anything wrong?” “Please, I can’t stay here any longer!” “I’ve done nothing!”

“Easy…easy, guys, we found some errors in your profile data. Actually, I don’t have anything to explain so no more questions. Just follow me, okay?” “So cold,” the soccer team captain muttered.

Oslo and Alexis exchanged their looks. Both were confused. But when the girl thought of her brother’s advice, she continued to obey and told her friends to do so. The girls were taken into the women’s shower rooms which were divided into two small booths as same as the shower rooms in the school’s gyms but here was smaller.

As they were allowed to wear the clothes that their parents had prepared for them, not the prisoner’s uniform, this comforted them a little bit. Jesse, I can trust you, right?

It was the longest showering she had ever experienced. Staying with Belinda was the same as sitting on the giant ice cube. They were used to be friendly as an acquaintance but now the former student president acted coldly toward her as if they were enemies for ages. Nonetheless, the change of Belinda’s reaction did not irritate Alexis as much as her non-guilty face.

Belinda believed that she did the right thing even telling the lie. It was really upset to live with this type of people who blamed everyone but themselves and hated everything but forgot to fix the attitude.

First, June, now Belinda…Alexis exhaled tiredly. She was confident that their family must take a visit and hoped to get them back but because there was no order to release the adolescents. They might be sitting somewhere in here or mournfully staying at home waiting for the call.

“Do you think we can get out?” Oslo asked when they returned to the cell, fresh and clean. At this time, they moved all teenagers to the same cell and there were only them. The other cells were empty. San Bosa was a peaceful town with 0.02% of the crime rate.

“I don’t feel like that,” Alexis admitted. Her faith in Jesse began to fade away when the clock ticked and ticked. At this point, her disappointment towards the withdrawal of the government scholarship could not disturb anymore. It was the justice she desperately needed it to exist.

“We can. Maybe it takes some time to check our innocence. The video is just a magic prank. And it’s the best evidence to prove that the bitch beside me reported the false information.” Belinda glanced sideways to Wade. Alexis tried not to look at the girl when her haughty face had the effect to provoke anger.

“That officer did say that there were errors in our data,” Oslo reminded him. “What errors?’ Everybody closed their mouth, no idea about it. "If we…If we can’t get out?” Wade shook his head. “No way! Stop saying that Ossy!”

“Oslo! My name is Oslo.” The boy with red hair yelled. “Bel, why you did it?” Now the boy turned to ask Belinda. Wade did not start another argument which was really thankful. He kept his mouth shut, dying to know too. Belinda hugged herself tightly and budged to the corner, replied shortly, “I’ve done the right thing.”

Wade evilly laughed. “It’s obvious you tried to eliminate us from the list. You can lie to yourself as you please…arrogant bitch.” He moved away from her as if the girl was the most disgusting insect he could not tolerate to live with while Alexis and Oslo sighed.

The girl did understand how Wade’s temper rose easily but it was useless to be frustrated with the person who had no regret for their behavior. The situation attracted her attention more than the will to blame Belinda because it was about her whole life.

Can I believe in you, Jesse? Can I still believe in you? She thought. Jesse had never broken his promise or never lied to make her feel better. But there was something wrong. She was so sure about it.

On the next day, the same officer came to wake them up. Thought that they would be free, they were disappointed again when he just came to serve bread for their breakfast. Wade could not control his temper as always. He started blaming on Belinda but this time she chose the other way to fight him by sleeping.

And it brought peace to the other two when Wade had no counterparty to challenge with for a while. Anyway, the heat still existed when Wade tried to make Belinda answered him why she destroyed his party until Oslo was unable to listen to Wade’s complaint anymore. “Miller! Please shut your mouth. You get on my nerves!”

Before Wade countered, Alexis stopped the new war, “You guys! We can do nothing. Don’t make another quarrel, please? Wade, trust me. No matter you shout or scream or blame anyone, they won’t come to release us unless they receive the order. Calm down, please?”

She placed her hands on his shoulder. Like Alexis could activate his wisdom and tolerance modes, he remembered how she told him what Jesse had suggested what to do; the boy shut his mouth finally. In a few minutes later, this time, the policewoman came.

“Come with me. The interrogation team is waiting for you.”

They glanced at each other. Only Belinda bubbled to herself, “It’s ok, it’s gonna be ok.” “Why we have to be interrogated?” Alexis asked the officer.

She did not give the answer. They had to follow her anyway. These officers did not like being questioned. All of them wore the emotionless face. The police officers were not town’s people. They came from other cities, changing their face every two or three years. (To be continued)

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