Undisclosure Series Chapter 3 (3/3) The Missing of a Teen Star
Undisclosure Series

Chapter 3 (3/3)

The Missing of a Teen Star politics stories

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Many years after the post-environmental apocalypse and the reconstruction of civilization and nature, the world populations united into one nation, " the Federal Republic of New Hope", ruled by one government with the belief in Freedom, Peace, and Justice.

An eighteen-year-old girl named Alexis had been sentenced to enter the rehabitilation program as she'd judged to be involved in H01 case. Those who had the superhuman ability must be cured. This was how her
bright future ended.

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Undisclosure Series Chapter 3 (3/3) The Missing of a Teen Star

The e-mail popped up on the screen. Jesse hurried to his laptop. Her eyes could catch the sender’s name “Joshua”. The girl revealed a mocking smile to her brother in revenge when he read his boyfriend’s e-mail. Then she thought of Elodie, her best friend who secretly got a crush on him since she was twelve. Elodie dated some boys but could not get over Jesse.

Unsurprisingly, when Jesse was in the high school, he was the team captain of the school’s soccer club and one of the hottest guys. Like other girls, Elodie fell for him but all she could do was just secretly love him.

“They know who you really are and whom you love. They’re just waiting for you to tell them the truth.”

Her brother did not give any answer. He just shrugged and let the topic sank down.

“I think I go down to see dad and mom.”

“It’s alright, just a mail,” he said. “You haven’t told me about the scholarship yet. How was the interview?”

He mentioned the scholarship which she died to win it. The scholarship offered by the government was the best financial aid and opportunity to everyone who could win it. The key to success was to live in the capital. Futuristic Metropolis was the capital city of the Federal Republic of New Hope, and the central technology, education, and innovation.

The majority of populations were the upper class. Delphi might have a top medical school but the medical school in the University of Futuristic was the best. So if she had to choose, she prefers Futuristic. Additionally, after the graduation, she could admit to any hospital in the capital where all equipment and salary were higher.

It meant they stepped up from middle class to the upper middle class or to the upper class if she could make it. Jesse and Bryce were also the candidates during their years but could not win. Alexis knew she was the last hope. Or else, they had to wait more than ten years for Charlie to grow up.

“I try not to hope but I think there’s the chance. They seemed to interest…in me, quite a lot” She told him with eyes gleamed the light of confidence.

Jesse arched one of his eyebrows, skeptical. “Did they ask about the government, laws, or any social issues?”

“Of course, they did. There was one question about the newest military regime against the terrorists. I protested it.”

“What?” Jesse made the face as if he could not believe what he heard.

“I know it’s odd that I protest but I do and normal people do. The regime has zero concern for the citizens in the borderlands. You know that! It’s too rigid and inhumane. I may disapprove but also demonstrate the alternative choices and, yes, the better.

They said, ‘my dear Ms. Davis, you speak our mind and suggest very helpful ideas to us.’ And that’s cool, right? They also asked me about…H01 case and the Act.”

H01 case was the short term word to describe those who had the superior gift which the government regarded as illegal and disastrous to the nation. It was the origin of the act 2966, leading the world to the age of terror many ten years ago.

Jesse laughed so loud. “Oh my goodness…I’m sure you explained how you want it to be abolished and the new way to cope with the Risks.”

“Yep” She nodded as if it was not a big deal.

“You lose, totally lose. No hope, I mean it. Tell Bryce what you answered them, she will tell you the same.”

His words smashed on her head. Alexis could not understand. She even remembered how they looked at her with the deep admiration.

“No, they…” “I know you’re always smart but sometimes your positive side makes you blind—plus, your over-confidence as well. Alex, think carefully. Why they want the student who disagrees with their policy to work with them?”

“It’s not about to find a puppet…but…but.” Now her words opened up the eagle’s eyes mode. After the graduation, the scholar would work in the governmental organization.

“Is…it…damn it.” She cursed herself more than any other times. Alexis desperately needed the scholarship so much.

“Oh Alex, you’re so naïve.” Jesse teased her hair. The girl brushed his hands away. “Why don’t you win?”

“Because I was Mr. Naïve like you are but now I become Mr. Brightside.”

Alexis bumped her head to his chest. “Jesse!”

He laughed, “What? I told you the truth.” The big brother softly pushed her head away.

“I still have faith in myself. So let’s see the announcement next week.” She stood up glaring at him stubbornly and grabbed her backpack. “I bought some local snacks. Don’t forget to try.”

Her room was on the lower floor and she shared it with Bryce. If she could not win the scholarship, they would share the room again at Delphi. Living with Bryce caused no problem between them. They might fight about the territory sometimes but never had the big fight. Nonetheless, every teenager loves to have their own room.

“Alex,” her brother called. “What?”

Jesse was thinking of something but Alexis could not find what it was. Then, he said, “Perhaps, I’m wrong. You may counter their regime but you have the head of good obedience…if they see that. They choose you.”

“What do you mean?”

Jesse exhaled. “Nothing. Hey!” He stopped her again. “Don’t worry too much about money. I’ve got a job. Master program is tough but I still have time. ..

...And you can do your part-time job during the first and second year like Bryce did. After that, when Bryce and I graduate, we’ll have a full job. Everything will be better. Trust me.” He ended his sentence with the charming wink.

Alexis smiled a little and nodded. The higher education, the higher cost, they tried their best to reduce their parents’ responsibilities. Like the time, age has never stopped increasing, so do they parent. The Davis children wanted Caleb and Bianna to retire from hard work and have a good living for the rest for their life.

“Hey. The last thing, it’s summer but dad and mom are very busy these days. Maybe, we can persuade Bryce to go out tomorrow. Take Charlie out and find something to eat. Take him to the park and eat ice-cream. He loves it. You may invite June, your Davy, and Edie.”

Alexis chortled. “June and Edie? You want to the see the cat fight?”

“Edie and Davy or Davy and June…but I like talking with Edie more so…Edie and Davy.” He sighed, “I don’t understand girls anymore. They hate each other but group together. And you’re standing in between.”

“Nah, let’s talk later. I have to take a shower and have to see them.”

Jesse ducked his head and backed inside his room. As soon as Alexis sneaked to the downstairs, her parents changed their face when they saw her. Alexis realized which topic they were talking about.

Not only young people love gossiping.

End of Chapter 3

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