Undisclosure Chapter 6: Unexpected Guests Part 1/3

Chapter 6: Unexpected Guests

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Many years after the post-environmental apocalypse and the reconstruction of civilization and nature, the world populations united into one nation, " the Federal Republic of New Hope", ruled by one government with the belief in Freedom, Peace, and Justice.

An eighteen-year-old girl named Alexis had been sentenced to enter the rehabitilation program as she'd judged to be involved in H01 case. Those who had the superhuman ability must be cured. This was how her
bright future ended.

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Undisclosure Chapter 6: Unexpected Guests Part 1/3

“Edie, I don’t want to go anywhere. I don’t have the mood! Don’t you understand?” Alexis replied to Elodie through the home telephone. “Please, just go. You have to meet friends. You can’t keep yourself in the cave! Please! I’ll go too.” She begged.

“But you have to help your father.” “I change my mind. Party or work? What do you think I will do?”

It was difficult to win her stubbornness so Alexis agreed to go to the party at Wade Miller’s house. Friends and alcohol, which one will fix my broken mind better?

After catching Davy with June, her ex-boyfriend kept calling her every hour. He visited the house on the next day after the incident. In consequence, Alexis officially ended their relationship and she did not forget to accept his apology for the complete closure. There was such a lot of love for him left in her heart but also unreliability and bad trauma.

In spite of what she had done, Davy kept appearing in her dream; it was a pity that she yearned for the dream where she forgot the reality where there was no Alexis and Davy anymore. Often, she dreamed of their last prom, the kiss, and the intimacy at that night.

She concluded to herself that it was the haunting regret of her guilty pleasure as she had committed something her parents disagreed with. What made Alexis felt worse was June’s silence. She did neither call nor visit; neither apologize nor make more confession.

From that day, the June she knew dove into the black hole, sinking into the deepest of the universe, forever gone. The only thing left between them was the question inside Alexis’s head asking herself, “Why?” June valued their long-term friendship no different from a price of shit.

“Where’re you going?” asked her mother. It was Friday’s evening, her parents stayed at home. “Wade’s party, I may come back before ten.” Her mother nodded meaning giving approval. “It’s good to see you go out, meet friends. Have fun, honey!”

“Why don’t take Jesse with you?” Her father suggested, pausing his reading for a while with eyes narrowing through the glasses. Alexis chuckled when her mother hit his arm lightly. “Oh come on. How many times she visits the Miller’s place. Go, Alex. Don’t listen to the old man.” She ended the conservation with her merry laughter.

“Okay, I’ll be back.” Alexis waved her hand and exited. “Did she bring my cell phone?” Caleb still worried.

The light of sunset painted the thick cloud on the sky orange. The chilling breeze passed through. She rode past the oriental spa which its front door overlaid by advertising posters. Previously, the poster of John Lloyd’s old teen movie attracted everyone’s attention but now it had gone nowhere, perhaps, in the junk. His name vanished as Jesse had assumed.

Thinking about the star friend helped extinguish the fire of fury towards Davy and June for a while, but it came with the fearfulness from the recognition that a friend was missing, perhaps forever. The worse was John’s identity was removed by the authority.

Jesse’s assumption peculiarly sounded reasonable and she started to believe him that her superstar friend was arrested and taken to the rehabilitation program that no one had ever returned. In the past three days, Alexis could not search ‘John Lloyd’ name on any search engine.

His own website and the fan club website had been shut down. When people talked about his missing, they whispered, dared not to speak out loud because they were scared to be heard. And in the end, they would simply conclude that he might be dead. Alexis concerned on his family more than anything else

because when she imagined if someone in her family encountered the fate that John was facing, how she could manage her mind and her feeling when the loved one was completely gone. And to think of them was illegal and frightened to do.

Wade’s mansion stood elegantly among the other mansions in the north, far from the heart of the town. His house was grandeur like June’s mansion which was situated four blocks away. (Sighing, she could not stop thinking of them.)

It was the pool party but Alexis did not wear or bring bikini because she aimed at watching people having fun rather than joining with them. What she determined to do was to drink and drink and be drunk.

“Hey, Alex!”

The mansion owner greeted the guest. Wade Miller was sparkling in his bare chest and khaki swimming shorts, waving his hand energetically towards her. There were a lot of guests more than she had thought.

At least she saw the whole cheerleading team without the captain who was Elodie. Well, no school anymore, they were waiting for the new life in college. No one needed to stay home for study.

“Where’s Edie?” “Oh, Edie can’t come. She phoned me just a few minutes, saying that she has to help her father manage the stock.” “What?” Alexis felt like being betrayed. She was quite upset because Elodie confirmed that she would come and who would take her home if she was drunk? A trick? Seriously?

Wade clapped on her shoulders. “Nah, don’t worry. Everyone knows you. We’re all friends. Come on. It’s time to recover.” he said and pushed the girl inside the party. “What? Recover? You know?” Alexis could not hide her amazement when he knew about the break-up, due to the fact that she told no one except her family.

Oh…Edie, how can I forget this one? “I didn’t invite both of them, don’t worry.” He told her. “It’s okay. I don’t mind.” Alexis replied at once. Guilty she was; Davy was his friend.

The boy gave her the wicked smile. “Actually, I did, but they don’t come. It’s not strange for June but Dave thought about coming. When he knows people talking about it. He felt sick for a sudden.”

Wade possessed a very unique charming smile. If Davy could not make the victory score during the last match, this boy might win the prom crown. Wade Miller was the soccer team captain and one of the candidates to win the government’s scholarship.

He shared some similar appearances with Davy, such as the perfect height, blond hair, hot body, and whatever charms hot guys should own. But he was no shyness. He spoke loud and clear and loved to socialize while Davy preferred the private space. The house parties had been frequently organized in his place.

“You…are…” “Go go go go!” He made haste.

As she walked inside, the soccer team cheered at her, “That’s the spirit! Alex. It’s gonna be okay. We will re-educate him! We’ll bring your Davy back!”

She knew they tried to cheer her up but it was really embarrassing when they used the word ‘your Davy’, the same way Bryce and Jesse frequently did.

At the same time, Alexis understood why Davy dared not to come when she met the others, especially her girlfriends. Possibly, Elodie announced their break-up to everybody’s in the town.

When she met some of her basketball team, they said, “He’s a jerk, Alex. You find the better one.” And the whole cheerleading team which all members were Elodie’s minions shouted, “Don’t care the bitch June! If we meet her, we burn her alive.”

Women’s rage was very scary and when they teamed up, the fire of fury went wild. (To be continued)

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