Undisclosure Chapter 3 (2/3) The Missing of a Teen Star

Chapter 3 (2/3)

The Missing of a Teen Star dystopia stories

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Many years after the post-environmental apocalypse and the reconstruction of civilization and nature, the world populations united into one nation, " the Federal Republic of New Hope", ruled by one government with the belief in Freedom, Peace, and Justice.

An eighteen-year-old girl named Alexis had been sentenced to enter the rehabitilation program as she'd judged to be involved in H01 case. Those who had the superhuman ability must be cured. This was how her
bright future ended.

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Undisclosure Chapter 3 (2/3) The Missing of a Teen Star

“Aha,” Jesse stopped teasing his sister but still grinned. John might be a superstar but Alexis was not ordinary attractive. As the big brother, he saw how boys looked at her and understood how they admired her. She was one of the most popular girls in the school and was the recent prom queen. How possible would this superstar not fall for her?

“Okay, I won’t tease you. Let’s be serious. I think he’s not dead but is under arrest.”

Alexis glared at him, confusing. “Under arrest?”

“You know the law, the act 2966.”

The girl shook her head. She surely recognized the law but denied his assumption, “But he has the allergy.”

“Well, if he did something apparently catching the eyes of the authority, he won’t survive the accusation. Honestly, even if he suffers from every severe sickness in this world, it won’t help.” Jesse threw some paper sheets onto Alexis’s laps. “Read it.”

“…Clause 1, paragraph 4, those who possess any special alienated ability which is excluded from the natural human’s gifts must register as the Risk at any local administrative organization or the police station…..

.....Clause 2, paragraph 1, everyone owns the right to tip off the police about any clue, trace, discovery, and suspicion of those who are qualified or tends to be the Risk or the Suspect. In the case of H01 case, the act to protect the Federal is not regarded as privacy violation…”

“This is...” “The Surveillance and Control of the Risks to Humankind Act 2966,” replied Jesse. He brushed his frizzy dark hair with his fingers. It was forever messy.

“You think John has been arrested on this charge?”

Her brother nodded. He searched for something on the desk, then smiled and submitted another paper to her. Jesse was familiar to share his thought with Alexis rather than with Bryce who mostly made the annoying face to him.

“The mysterious disappearance of the past celebrities the accused and the danger of humanity violation by the Act 2966: a study case of Desiree Dalka -- shit!”

she snapped a bad word after seeing the stamp on the paper’s head written “CONFIDENTIAL” and “DESTROYED”. The date was one year ago.

Someone did not follow the order and ‘someone’ was her brother.

“Jesse, you shouldn’t have it. No, you should destroy it.”

“Yeah, I know but read it, quickly,” he urged, a little annoyed of her over-panic.

They heard the sound of the car engine, their parents just arrived home.

“I should surprise them.” Jesse stopped his sister and pointed at the paper. “Bryce will tell them. Just read it, okay? No one’s watching us!”

“Okay,” she replied tiredly and quickly scanned the document into her brain.

All the information she learned was Desiree Dalka was found missing two years ago. She was the lone heir of Dalka corporations. As her parents died from car accidents when she was thirteen, her uncle took care of her but also died when she reached the age of fifteen—murdered by the girl in compliance with the rumor.

But since there’s no clear evidence, she was free from the accusation. In the mature age of eighteen, Desiree sold all her shares to the shareholders and spent the money on parties and travels. People said she became promiscuous, party-animal and wild. Two years ago, Desiree was gone nowhere.

The news reported her missing and assumed it was about kidnap or crime or drug dealers but the next day until today, no channel or newspapers reported the progress of the investigation. Since then, her name fades away from the elite society of Futuristic Metropolis. Her name and her identity have been forgotten.

Alexis returned the paper to the brother. “Your fast reading always amazed me, phew.”

“You think he’ll…” Yes. Believe me, if your friend involves in this case, another few days, we would not hear his name again,” Jesse confirmed.

Alexis leaned her back on the wall where Jesse had hung the poster of his favorite band. If John encountered this case, there would be no more John Lloyd and that was really sad to think. Alexis did not want it to happen to anyone.

This law went against the human right. They declared “New Hope, New Freedom”. If they really gave people the real freedom so why did this law still exist?

It’s the new freedom, not the real freedom, so it’ll be the artificial freedom. The voice in her mind answered it.

...To be continued.

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