Undisclosure Chapter 3 (1/3) The Missing of a Teen Star

Chapter 3 (1/3)

The Missing of a Teen Star fantasy stories

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Many years after the post-environmental apocalypse and the reconstruction of civilization and nature, the world populations united into one nation, " the Federal Republic of New Hope", ruled by one government with the belief in Freedom, Peace, and Justice.

An eighteen-year-old girl named Alexis had been sentenced to enter the rehabitilation program as she'd judged to be involved in H01 case. Those who had the superhuman ability must be cured. This was how her
bright future ended.

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Undisclosure Chapter 3 (1/3) The Missing of a Teen Star

He was urgently gone and no one had no idea what had happened to him. It was mysterious and surprising for Alexis when she saw the news reported the missing of John Lloyd.

“…a 19-year-old girl, Sally Mumfords stayed at the resort with her family on the day before the disappearance of the teen stars and the other three youngsters. The girl witnessed Lloyd and his gang arranged a wild celebrating party before they went missing. The police found some illegal drugs and mixed alcohols in their villa that might be used during the party.

As he went missing longer than two weeks ago, Lloyd’s family said his manager informed them that Lloyd was totally busy. With this reason, they had not felt skeptical of his disappearance.

The police said that, according to the primary interrogation, Tim Young, Lloyd’s manager, tried to cover the disappearance of John Lloyd with the purpose to cover the illegal evidence that connects the actor to unlawful drugs. However, his true intention has not been clarified if it was about drug or the other reasons.

Regarding Carl Park, the Inspector of Police Head Office of Riverland said, due to the fact that the villa stood next to the cliff, it was possible they jumped into the ocean because of the hallucination from drug’s effect.

Now, the marine police also joined the investigation team in the search of their bodies while the forestry department unit of Riverland was searching for the traces of the missing teens including in the woods.

John Lloyd, ages 20, is the new rising star from Blue Bell. The movie led to his fame is “Sunrise in the west”, a very famous romantic teen movie. He becomes the face of Lexy Jeans, Rowan Watch, and Ambrosia Drink. Now, “The Fall of Ozymandias” has been delayed its production, in the search of the new young King Ozymandias.”

Alexis closed San Bosa Post newspaper and said, “This news is funny.”

The girl was still in a slim t-shirt and long skinny jeans. Her backpack lied peacefully on her brother’s bed. Alexis’s long legs stretched in a chilling manner.

She had the opportunity as a minor role in the advertisement for the government’s campaign ‘Drink Milk!’ John Lloyd was the main role and he was the brand ambassador who had been absent for the whole shooting, resulting in the cancellation.

The location was in Paradiso, the special administration city for relaxation where people would spend their time to impress the blue diamond ocean and white sand beach.

Alexis almost had one free day to travel around the Escape Island but had to return home early because of John’s disappearance, (and because it would waste her money to spend time on the luxurious place.)

Well, she got paid for the waste of time but the girl hoped for the full payment rather than the small compensation. The campaign arranged by the government and her face would be on-air all over the country. This could be the big opportunity for the beginning of fame.

“Why it’s funny?” asked Jesse. He was a twenty-two young man. His graduation ceremony would begin within two months and he had enrolled to the law school for the legal master degree. Jesse worked as a Junior Legal Officer of a small company in Hemsworth.

“John cannot drink alcohol. He’s allergic to it. Another thing is why the resort doesn’t know their customers disappeared? What the hell they were doing?” Emotional? Yes, she was.

“Yeah, that’s weird.”

“It’s illogical!”

Even though John Lloyd was the superstar but he was far from some haughty celebrities Alexis had met. They became friends during the shooting for Lexy jeans on Femme Magazine. Alexis had the opportunity to work with him twice so she could call him a friend or a co-worker.

After the last shooting, the studio had organized a small party to celebrate, especially for a long-time job (because the main actress was so demanding). Everyone knew John could not drink alcohol so the team served him only juices, soft drinks, and water. It was the fact, not calling for attention.

“But he might use the drug,” the brother assumed.

Alexis rolled her eyes. “Many parties have pots, I admit. No! I’ve never used it. (“Not a good liar!” Jesse judged.) No! Don’t judge me when you’ve tried it. (“Never!”) Stop! Don’t make me out of the topic! John will never touch those things and he warned everyone not to.

This is why people love to work with him. Those drugs might belong to his peers. I remember John once told me that to be successful in this career is hard but to remain bright and shiny is harder so he dares not risking abusing his fame.”

“Aha, you seem to close with him and he kept talking to you about his career and his dream…blah…blah. And how about your Davy?” The brother gave the cunning grin.

The girl stared into his eyes which were hazel like Davy’s. Alexis knew he was teasing but she did not like it. Her siblings often said ‘Your Davy’ to tease her. Alexis was the only member who officially had a boyfriend.

Alexis and Davy expressed their love to the public freely like general lovebirds, causing jealousy to Jesse sometimes because, in contrast to his sister, he had to cover his own romantic relationship.

“It’s not like that. Do you think a boy like John will fall for me? Impossible! We’re friends. That’s all. I know I know too little about him but I can say that he’s not what the news trying to make us believe. And Davy is the one…”

she shut her mouth as being aware of the spoils of her words but could not conceal the red radish face when talking about her boyfriend.

To be continued...

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