I saw you with her...
I saw you with her... love stories

jes My stories are just my view. Irl.
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Just me saying my thoughts after meeting my ex crush's lover.

I saw you with her...

You were so different. Yet the same...

You were smiling the whole time. Joyful and happy as one could me.

Me, the awkward third wheel. Just watching whom I liked ever so dear smile with another woman besides myself.

I know it was wrong of me to feel like this. To feel sad and a bit jealous but I couldn't help it.

I genuinely tried to keep in my feelings. Luckily, you didn't notice. Even though I was barely talking.

I guess we just weren't meant to be. You and I, we're just trivial while together. But when you're with her you two glow ever so brightly with smiles radiating over everyone.

You called her what you usually call me... I felt slightly betrayed but I really didn't have the right to feel they way, did I? I think not.

Maybe a pet name doesn't have much value in your opinion. Or maybe it does and that's why you called her that repeatedly.

I know that I've already wished you my farewells but I really could let you go. So this is how I shall try to disperse my feelings.

My last letter to you. Which you shan't ever see. My apologies, I can't be as I usually am with you. Not anymore.

I wish you good luck for later on. For you and her to be happy together.

Once again, thank you. - I really appreciate the time we spent together. - Farewell, my beloved. I shall give up on you now.

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