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jes My stories are just my view. Irl.
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Just how life is nowadays, I suppose.


So my mom was drinking earlier today. Of course, when we asked, she said she didn't. And we kept insisting that she did. Thanks to her drinking, she had an attitude.

And since my dad doesn't have a job and she's the only one working, she has to deal with all this stress. And she gave us an attitude. A hella huge attitude.

And she kept trying to get us to go forward and see the fireworks. But she was getting mad that we didn't listen to her. And so we argued and decided to go home.

She told my brother that it was his girlfriends fault that he didn't want to spend time with the family. And my brother got mad at her because of that and blamed it all on her.

He was saying shit like how it's all her fault for drinking and being a buzz kill and blaming everything on her. So we tried to leave and went through the parking lot.

And parked somewhere to watch. My brother was talking shit about her and she left the car. I think she left the car so she could cry without being seen.

Even if she doesn't love my dad, I know she loves her children. And she takes care of us, I just can't help but feel love towards her. I can feel all of the pain within her.

No matter what, I'll always love her. Honestly, I wish more than anything else that my parents would just divorce or something. I was worried that she was gonna commit suicide when she left.

Since while in the car, I heard her mumble "I'm gonna kill myself while going it work tonight." I thought she might've jumped into the lake since she didn't answer her phone.

I was seriously scared. I jumped when I heard her say that. I luckily got a text from her though saying she walked home.

I'm so fucking scared that she might do something stupid while going to work. I swear to God if she does then I'm most likely gonna spiral.

He just said that "She's a pathetic excuse for a mother." I think the opposite honestly. She's an amazing mother. And they're just talking shit about her.

"She doesn't care about anything else besides herself." My dad is practically calling her a gold digger right now.

He said that she was like "Die, die, die" and once he told her that he spoke to his family to take care of her if he dies she started crying with what he called "Crocodile tears.

" "See, mommy turned off her phone and wanted to be the center of attention." "I can't believe for years that she emotionally abused me for years to the point where I feel nothing towards her.

" "She emotionally abused me too, Scott" my dad says. I hate how they're talking about her. "Your mother already has a headstone, nevermind. She'd get me cremated." I fucking hate this shit.

She's human too. She has feelings as well. I'm actually tearing up right now. I'm wiping it off though since I don't want them to see. We're at the house now. Mom's here too.

I tried to tell my brother to apologize but he was like "No, she has no right to blame my girlfriend. She's freaking 100 miles away. She's an amazing person." So I walked away and went upstairs.

I couldn't keep in the tears. My voice was breaking up as I was talking and I couldn't deal with it. So I went up here and escaped.

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