A slight betrayal
A slight betrayal betrayal stories
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jes My stories are just my view. Irl.
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We've been friends for months and today something happened. She just did something not like her at all.

A slight betrayal

I've always admired this one girl. She's all I've ever wanted to be. Her personality was fun, cool and always so damn chill. Just an overall amazing human being.

Kind of distant and going through something at the moment. Although, I have always held her up on a pedestal in my mind. A person who I would strive to be. She is a godly gamer.

She is drop dead gorgeous and amazing. I honestly admired her so dearly. But today my opinion of her changed drastically. She has always spoke her mind and stood up for herself.

Just a well centered individual whom always was herself. She is liked by everyone and is first choice for everything. And I don't know how to explain it anymore.

To me, she was just a role model. But today my opinion of her changed drastically.

I didn't want to get on and play today but I was about to text her on discord and ask if she was still on and wanted to play.

So I turn on my pc and see that something is happening on one of our friend's server. And she took part in it. She unbanned the people causing trouble. And then other people gave them admin.

She basically followed the people causing a ruckus. She was in a discord call with them and was bandwagoning. She didn't ban them when they were deleting channels and raiding and admin abusing.

She didn't even ban them when they were going too far. And she even tried to defend them for what they were doing. Passing it off as just a raid. "Raids" aren't supposed to go that far.

At most they spam or troll while raiding but this was way too damn far. And this kinda showed me that she isn't the person I thought she was.

I don't wanna talk trash about her and I will continue defending her case since she has been my closest friend for months.

This dude in the vc told me that she might be talking trash about me behind my back while in that vc with all of them but I really doubt she would. She's not like that.

And I don't wanna believe that she's that different than what I thought she was like. It honestly saddens me to think about how she acted today.

The action she committed today was just so surprising and immature and not like how I thought she was whatsoever.

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