I Turn To God
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jerseighlynn Emotional Creative writing and poems
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every body has a mechanism to help them get through difficult times, and my strategy is turning to God.

I Turn To God

First I turn to god

Because I feel flawed

Thinking that maybe the bible

Will release my thoughts by which are homicidal

I ask the two, Luke and John, if god intended to make me feel like 1 of 3 pawns

Because I am constantly waiting for the rook

To pull me down, catching me by a hook

Or the knight, to take me on in a fight

Then comes three and I realize I have the strength to win this war

At 4, I fall shortly after the battle strikes

But I sit in contemplation wondering

Is it worth it, should I continue this hike?

At 5 I wipe my tears for the sixth time

And at last, I hear him call

Like wooden chimes do

Near the end of fall

Finally the clock strikes 7 times and it is now 8

And for now, I can finally say


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