Tale of Two Lakes
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A tale far from the east, when magic wasn’t fictional and the Gods lived closer amongst us.

Tale of Two Lakes

Long ago, when magic wasn't fictional and the Gods lived closer amongst us, there were two small villages bordered by a river.

The people lived in these villages loved to have a big banquet where they would drink rice wine, dancing to the movement of free-flying birds, and sang songs of old tales.

The banquet would normally go on and on for many days. They were flourished with good food and good weather, but they never thank the Gods for their blessings.

They were selfish and merciless towards other creatures.

So, one night, while they were feasting to their hearts content and rice wines fogged their tainted minds, one of the village's fire went off.

They yelled at the other village across the river who was also having a feast to send them fire.

The highly intoxicated chief of that village tied a fire torch on a hen and threw it to the river, assuming it would fly to the other side.

The hen fell into the river along with the torch before even reaching halfway and drowned. Everyone from both villages find it very entertaining and laughed really hard.

"Use a cat instead!" One of the men from the fireless village spoke loudly and the rest of them laughed.

The village chief thought what a brilliant idea it was that he immediately tied another fire torch to a cat and did the same as what was done to the hen.

It fell a little further than the first attempt, and everyone laughed again.

"A dog! Use a dog this time!" Another man shouted and everyone who heard it laughed hysterically. At this point, rather than actually needing a fire, they were just doing it for entertainment.

So, the same thing was done to a dog, but this time, another man helped the village chief to launch the dog. They used all the strength they had left to throw it as far as possible.

It fell into the river, slightly further than the previous attempts. The villagers from across the river saw the fiery orange color vanished into the dark and laughed even harder.

Before anyone suggested another inhumane idea, an angry strong wind struck both villages and destroyed all of their houses.

Water started to seep out of Earth, and the ground collapsed and created a huge sinkhole. Everyone was starting to panic. They were screaming and wailing for help.

Just like that, the two villages were flooded and sunk, turned into lakes on each side of the river.

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