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I woke up with my heart racing the race of its life. I looked around the dark room, but— then I realize. Who was the woman again? I live by myself. That’s right, it was just a dream. A gruesome dream.


I was sleeping soundly, until I sensed something lurking outside the door that it woke me up.

An unsettling noise that doesn't need to be identified to know its source; the sound of the doorknob turned back and forth vigorously.

I immediately sat up, pulled the blanket up to my chest, crumpling the soft fluffy fabric with tight grip and turned to the door.

Lea, whose bed was next to our bedroom door slept soundly, having no clue of what about to happen. I wanted to run to the door. Maybe I could push the drawers against it. But instead, I froze.

I knew I should do something, but my limbs refused to obey my command. For a moment, I thought my heart stopped beating.

Suddenly, the door swung wide opened and a large figure of a man in black appeared with a knife. Lea, still half asleep looked up from her bed to fathom the commotion.

Without a moment of hesitation, the intruder climbed onto Lea's bed, grabbed her by the shoulders, and slashed her throat.

I woke up with my heart racing the race of its life. I looked for the killer of my roommate around the space of the dark room, but then I realize.

Who was the woman again? I live by myself. I don't have a roommate. That's right, it was just a dream. A really bad, gruesome dream. My eyes finally adjusted with the darkness.

I could vaguely see the surroundings in my room, and noticed the sound of a comedy podcast I put on before going to bed.

I went back to sleep, knowing that I'm safe and hoping to have a good deep slumber. After a short while, I woke up sensing something menacing.

I sat up, protecting myself to the comfort of my blanket and watched the door swung opened, and the end of Lea's life shortly after that.

I woke up in the darkness of my room, the podcast I put on was still playing in the background. I gradually returned to the quietness of the real world and regained consciousness.

It was just a bad dream. What a relief. So I closed my eyes again, and drifted away, just to wake up, witnessing Lea's horrid demise.

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