Michelangelo's Tears
Michelangelo's Tears art stories
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Oh, the humanity...

Michelangelo's Tears

Under his satirical ceiling we sat

Simply to chat about this and that

But the mood grew somber and sullen

Discussing great men who had fallen

And for a few moments neither of us spoke…

I stared up and away

I could think of nothing to say

And then it struck me like Newton’s apple

Fallen from a tree in Eden

“Mike…” I ventured

“Why couldn’t their fingertips touch?”

He raised his head as though weighted with lead

And for the longest time, a hiatus in rhyme

His gaze pierced that dual portrait…

I have seen many men weep

A wonder that washes over me in both cold and warm tides

But Michelangelo’s tears could not be defined

Pouring forth from a vessel of shattered pride

I watched him uncomfortably

Upset at my question’s transgression…I looked up once more

Unlike before, I saw it, hidden in the space

The looks on faces, chastened, I saw it:

They were not nearly touching

Not almost, not even close, nowhere near

And it was suddenly clear, it could not hide

The divide!

Oh, the divide!

The distance so dramatic, so drastic

His intention was not dimension, but the action itself!

A reaching breaching that vast space

The answer in Adam’s careless face, in Newton’s open hand

A lump forming on the back of his head and mind

I looked back to Mike, ready to weep with him

But composure gained, eyes strained, he answered with a smile

“I hate painting on damp plaster.”

“Oh,” I replied, catching my breadth.

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