Midnight Cries
Midnight Cries horror stories

jericabowdry Fun, carefree, scatterbrained Hafu
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Just a random horror story...sorry if its crap.
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Midnight Cries

by jericabowdry

11:00pm Breathing in once again, manifesting for the tenth time. I kept count. I could hear the new family sleeping soundly, softly snoring. They should not be here, just like the others before.

11:07pm Crawling out from beneath the floorboards, leaving my bones behind I already lost the will to walk, its as if hands kept me on my hands and knees No,like the thickest tar pit i'm sinking.

11:12 They changed everything! My bright home is no longer, these things should not be here!\ I flipped over tables, chairs, and i even broke tea cups They need to leave. All i could see was red

11:34 making my way toward the staircase i can hear them whispering they are awake i want them out Crawling faster growling low as i stalk down the long hall They changed the wallpaper!

11:39 Pushing open my old bedroom door i saw to of them filled with rage i pull off their covers, even turning over the bedside table They screamed and ran i followed and grabbed one by the foot

11:50 I chased them down Leaving destruction behind I locked them in the basement finally I could still hear them screaming I pounded on the door "GET OUT" Silence. i slowly open the door.

12:00 The front door slammed shut I was alone Finally its quiet slowly i crawl back into my bed beneath the floor tired and worn Until next year. i have peace breathing my last breath, Goodnight

The end

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