My name is Bear
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jericabowdry Fun, carefree, scatterbrained Hafu
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A story about a very loved dog. <br/>Like,comment and share please if you like my stories.<br/>Also please feel free to follow me for more stories, i update often.

My name is Bear

by jericabowdry

Hello my name is Bear, i am a gargantuan Akita. I'm at the tender age of five years old. My skinny human always calls me a Big Boy Its kinda hard to fit us both in the hallway.

Between you and me I'm the King Why? Well its safe to say I run a lot of things around here I can walk into any room i wish even if the door is closed just gotta make alot of noise. BARK!

I love Food!

No not that dry food they try to feed me. I prefer their food, mostly what ever their eating They tell me no, but i can persuade them, Just roll over on your back and swing your paws.

This is my older sister Bambi ,as you can see she's not to cool like me She is the the black sheep of our little pack Bambi isn't very patient when it comes to waiting, Don't tell i said that.

At this very moment i'm trying to get in to the bedroom, barking and whining isn't working i gotta go find one of those cats to get the door open, No door can keep the mighty bear out for long!

I think i'm gonna go take a nap now, all this typing got me tired. Before i go make sure if you own another canine like me, Remember we love kisses, hugs, and love from our human companions

The end

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