-To Wear Love"
-To Wear Love" underwear stories

jerez Flash Fiction/Wisdom/Healer/Quote/Poetry
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Type: Flash Fiction
Description: Recovering from a trauma is never easy, but with love there may be a way. Wearing it beyond your skin.

Promt: Underwear
Word Count: 108

-To Wear Love"

The night was adrift between their skin. Souls bare with nothing to hide and wishing for nothing to fear.

She traced her fingers across his chest, electrifying his angst.

"It's all right Elrik."

She gleamed over, holding space to let the trauma dissipate.

"Thank You," He reveled a smile, "Thank you for all you've shown me. What love can become."

His heart crept open as her head soothed his chest. Becoming that layer of warmth beyond the doubts he wore. Comforting the trust they've built, they feared no more the cold veil of his past.

Reassured, they met frame to frame,

melting into the other,

safe at last.

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