Quote #5 - Growth
Quote #5 - Growth growth stories

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Growth, Suffering, and Charm. Our thoughts are more potent than the words we speak. It is no longer about the choices driving our lives but rather the way we perceive those choices.

Quote #5 - Growth

I like this concept of self-awarness

I like this concept of self-awarness and self-discovery.

That you are not incomplete but always whole.

That in the process of finding yourself;

That in the process of finding yourself; you are creating yourself.

Every day is a new opportunity to reinvent yourself at will.

That not all suffering is bad, but a catalyst.

That there comforts me when I fail others and myself. In the end, I can choose to do better and rise to the occasion.

It is the gift that makes all the difference. We are all capable, some more so than others, but nether less we are capable.

An experience we all have and we all share that gets to be chosen.


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