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jerez Flash Fiction/Wisdom/Healer/Quote/Poetry
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Type: Flash Fiction
Description: The room held a mahogany hue, and her past remains her scar. Little did I know.

Word Count: 100
Promt: Song- Valentina by The Hunts


Through the red doors, I never expected to see joy radiate along her curves. She glanced my way and held it there, motioning with one finger a dare.

"You are late."

"Valentina, wait"

She grabbed my hand and put it on her waist and began taking my breath away. Close and personal, we glided higher on the rhythm of the floor.

Silence filled the room as she anchored her leg around my waist.

"You can do this," she leaned into my ear, "dear, I taught you well."

Eye to eye, I never dreamed of being this adventurous,

never this courageous.

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