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jerez Flash Fiction/Wisdom/Healer/Quote/Poetry
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Type: Flash Fiction
Description: The room was pitch-dark to the world; but we saw each other with ease. Our intentions bright, and untethered as they should be.

Word Count: 126
Prompt: Top

-All Natural"

In delight, we looked at each other, one on top of the other. Time flew between us like the lifetimes we've shared.

Our laughter ensued while our curiosity on the other took hold. There was no pressure to get it right, no experience required.

"Yes, like that David." in synch with the rhythm that our hearts played. "I love it just like that!"

Explorers and adventurers of our own design. The desire to give came naturally as we explored uncontested the lands we embodied.

Monica's fingers traced along my hair, guiding the cadence of the lessons.

"Ouch!" I groaned.

"Sorry, love, I got too carried away." She said, enticing and coy.

We laughed along with the experience, teaching our hearts;

we had nothing to fear.

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